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Book Publications

Kwofie, TE, Aigbavboa, CO, Thwala, W. (2020). Effective Construction Project Delivery – Improving Communication Performance in Non-Traditional Procurement Systems. Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

Journal Articles

  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C.O., Aliu, J. and Thwala, W.D., 2022. Generic skills of future built environment practitioners in South Africa: unexplored mechanism via students’ perception. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology.
  • Aigbavboa, C. O, Aghimien, D. O, Thwala, W.D., and Ngozwana, N. (2022). Unprepared industry meet pandemic: COVID-19 and the South Africa construction industry. Journal of Engineering Design and Technology, 20(1), 183-200
  • Akinradewo O., Aigbavboa C., Edwards D. and Oke A. (2022) A Principal Component Analysis of Barriers to the Implementation of Blockchain Technology in the Built Environment. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology.
  • Amusan Lekan, Okalome C and Aigbavboa C (2022) Exploratory Approach to Issues and Strategy Involved in Creating Industrial Revolution Time Environmental Sustainability by Construction Firms on Sites. Sustainability. Sustainability 2022, 14, 2739.
  • Ogunbayo B.F, Aigbavboa, C.O, Thwala, WD & Akinradewo, O. I (2022). Validating Elements of Organisational Maintenance Policy for Maintenance Management of Public buildings In Nigeria. In Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering.
  • Ogunbayo B.F, Aigbavboa, C.O, Thwala, WD & Akinradewo, O. I (2022). Assessing Maintenance Budget Elements for Buildings Maintenance Management in Nigerian Built Environment: A Delphi Study: In Built Environment Project and Asset Management.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Nwaole, C. N.A., Aginah, L., I., & Aigbedion, M. (2022). Sustainable cities through household waste management: an unexplored approach to challenges confronting private solid waste management. Facilities. doi.10.1108/F-09-2021-0078
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Emuchay, F., Aigbedion, M., Ogbaini, I., & Awo-Osagie, A. (2022). Urban solid waste challenges and opportunities to promote sustainable developing cities through the fourth industrial revolution technologies. International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation. doi. 10.1108/IJBPA09-2021-0119.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Aigbedion, M., Ogbaini, I. F. and Aginah, I. L (2022). Integrated Project Delivery in the Nigerian Construction Sector: An Unexplored Approach from the Stakeholders Perspective. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management. doi. 10.1108/ECAM-09-2021-0823.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Aigbedion, M., Ogbaini, I. F., & Awe, O. (2022). Housing finance inaccessibility: evidence from the Nigerian pensioners. Property Management. doi. 10.1108/PM-09-2021-0064.
  • Ebekozien, A., Samsurijan, S. M., Aigbavboa, C., Awe, E., Amadi, G. and Emuchay, E. F. (2022). Unravelling the encumbrances in procurement management of Nigeria’s infrastructure development: pitfalls and prospects of projects. Property Management. doi. 10.1108/PM-11-2021-0103.
  • David, Love Opeyemi, Nnamdi Nwulu, Clinton Aigbavboa, and Omoseni Adepoju (2022). Integrating fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies into the water, energy & food nexus for sustainable security: A bibliometric analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 20(2022).
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C. & Ayo-Odifiri, O. S. (2022). Root cause of factors enhancing the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in Nigeria informal urban settlements: Issues and possible solutions. International Planning Studies, 27(1), 44-61.
  • Akinradewo O., Aigbavboa C., Oke A., Edward D., and Kasongo N. (2022) Key Requirements for Effective Implementation of Building Information Modelling for Maintenance Management in South Africa. International Journal of Construction Management.
  • Ebekozien, A. & Aigbavboa, C. (2021). COVID-19 recovery for the Nigerian construction sites: The role of the fourth industrial revolution technologies. Sustainable Cities and Society.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., & Aigbedion, M. (2021). Construction industry post-COVID-19 recovery: Stakeholders perspective on achieving sustainable development goals. International Journal of Construction Management.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Nwaole, C. N. A., Dako, O., & Awo-Osagie, I. A. (2021). Quantity Surveyor’s Ethical Responsiveness on Construction Projects: Issues and Solutions. International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation. doi.10.1108/IJBPA-04-2021-0061.
  • Ebekozien, A., Ikuabe, M., Awo-Osagie, I. A., Aigbavboa, C., & Ayo-Odifiri, O. S. (2021). Model for promoting green certification of buildings in developing nations: A case study of Nigeria. Property Management. doi. 10.1108/PM-05-2021-0033.
  • Ebekozien, A., Aigbavboa, C., Thwala, W. D., Aigbedion, M., & Ogbaini, I. F. (2021). An Appraisal of Generic Skills for Nigerian Built Environment Professionals in Workplace: The Unexplored Approach. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology. doi. 10.1108/JEDT-09-2021-0453.
  • Kwofie, T.E., Amos-Abanyie, S., Fugar, F., Afram, S.O., Aigbavboa, C.O. and Banahene, E.O. (2021), Communication performance inherent in the repetitive attributes of projects: the case of mass housing projects, Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
  • Liphadzi, Murendeni, et al. “Challenges affecting leadership development in the construction industry.” Collaboration and Integration in Construction, Engineering, Management and Technology. Springer, Cham, 2021. 419-425.
  • Liphadzi, Murendeni, Clinton O. Aigbavboa, and Didibhuku W. Thwala. “Attributes Indicating Communication Influence on Leadership Development: A Delphi Selection Process.” Creative Construction e-Conference 2020. Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2020.
  • Aghimien, D.O., Ikuabe, M., Aghimien L.M., Aigbavboa, C.O., Ngcobo, N. Yankah, J.E. (2022). PLS-Sem assessment of the impediments of Robotics and Automation Deployment for Effective Construction Health and Safety, Journal of Facilities Management. DOI: 10.1108/JFM-04-2022-0037
  • Ikuabe, M., Aigbavboa, C., Anumba, C., Oke, A., and Aghimien, L. (2022). Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Performance Measurement Indicators Determining the Uptake of CPS for Facilities Management. Buildings, 12, 466, 1-15. DOI:
  • Aghimien, D. O, Aigbavboa, C. O, Oke, A. E., and Aghimien, L.M. (2022). Latent institutional environment factors influencing construction digitalisation. International Journal of Construction Education and Research, 18(2), 142- 158 DOI:
  • Aghimien, D. O, Aigbavboa, C.O., Aghimien, L.M., Thwala, W.D. and Ndlovu, L. (2020). Making a case for 3D printing for housing delivery in South Africa. International Journal of Housing Market and Analysis, 3(4), 565-581, DOI: 10.1108/IJHMA-11-2019-0111
  • Aghimien, D. O, Aigbavboa, C. O, Aghimien, L.M., Thwala, W.D., and Ndlovu, L., (2021). 3D printing for sustainable low-income housing in South Africa: a case for the urban poor. Journal of Green Building, 16(2), 129- 141. DOI:
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