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The research center comprises a team of interdisciplinary experts, academics, and professionals to deliver high-quality research consultancy in the construction industry and Built Environment. In the last two years, in giving back to society, we have organized more than 15 webinar series, physically and virtually, on various aspects of research within the built environment and the construction industry, where more than 1000 participants have participated across more than 35 tertiary institutions in Africa and Europe. Moreover, in the last eight years of its establishment, the research center has produced more than sixty (60) PhD graduates, about two hundred (200) master’s degree graduates and mentored about fifteen (15) Post-Doctoral Research fellows (PDRFs); published about one thousand (1000) journal articles in reputable journals and over one hundred (100) book chapters.

Research Goals and Activities.

  • Source of interdisciplinary research and information on human settlement, construction projects, construction management concepts, construction 4.0 technologies, and sustainable construction management.
  • Provide research and consultancy services to Government Agencies, Business Organizations, non – Profit organizations, the National Department of Human Settlements, Provincial Human Settlements departments, Municipalities, and Metros.
  • Publish research findings, analysis, commentaries, debates, and theorization in accredited journals and academic books.
  • Qualitative and Pastoral care supervision of Post – Doctoral Research students (master’s & PhD candidates) and Post – Doctoral Research Fellows (PDRF) engaged in various research agendas conceptualized by the center.
  • Promote sustainable and innovative construction materials, technology, and systems.
  • Present and publish research findings and novel concepts at top-rated local and international conferences.
  • Organize and support seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • When necessary, provide briefings and commentaries for the media on concepts, policies, innovations, technologies, and schools of thought in the Built Environment and Construction Industry.
  • Undertake relevant projects in Human Settlements, Built Environments, and Construction Industry.
  • Recruit top, smart, and disciplined international and local researchers as Research Associates.
  • Contribute to the University of Johannesburg Global Excellence and Stature (GES) goal.
  • Ensure high ethical and professional standards in Research Activities, Consultancy Services, and Project Management.
  • Offer relevant training and short learning programme (SLP) within the Built Environment and Construction Industry.
  • Provision of Relevant frameworks, policies, case studies, and models within the Built Environment and Construction industry.

Research Areas

The research center’s multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research includes the following research areas in the Built Environment and Construction Industry:

  • Housing Development and Human Settlement Research: Housing markets & affordability, low-income housing, housing financing, post occupancy evaluation studies, housing satisfaction, regulatory impacts on affordable housing, public–private housing partnership, and diffusion of innovative housing technologies in residential consumption.
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Construction Digitalization and Construction 4.0
  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Digital Twin
  • Building information modeling
  • Blockchain and Smart Contract in Construction.
  • Environmental Pollution
  • IEQ and Outdoor
  • Decarbonization/ Net Zero Building
  • Skills Development in the Built Environment
  • Construction skills of the future.
  • Circular Economy + SDG
  • Biomimicry + Construction industry
  • HRM research in the Construction industry.
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Facility/ Maintenance management in buildings
  • Professionalism in the built environment
  • Water, Energy, and Food Projects within the Built Environment
  • Construction Education and the Future of Work.
  • Mentoring in the South Africa Construction Industry
  • Leadership Development
  • Social sustainability (Health & Safety)
  • Housing Studies/ Science
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Construction and Built Environment Policy analysis, formulation, and implementation.
  • Construction Leadership
  • Construction Business and Economics
  • Green and Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Construction Materials.
  • Public–private partnerships (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in construction projects.
  • Management of Project Enterprises, Joint ventures, networks, and supply chains.
  • Infrastructure Management, Finance, Economics, and Investment.