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We have led and been involved in several projects and programs in the last eight years. This includes:

  • DSI / NRF South Africa Research Chair in Sustainable Construction Management & Leadership in the Built Environment, South Africa
  • Construction Industry Development Board (cidb) Centre of Excellence: Research study on the nature, cause and impact of cancellations of tenders on the South Africa construction industry
  • National collaboration, Project under the University Capacity Development Programme: Under staff doctoral programme (The Academic Doctorate Advancement Project Towards Transformation (ADAPTT) – UNIVERSITY STAFF DOCTORAL PROGRAMME (USDP)
  • Global Excellence and Status 4.0 Project Grants – Development of a digitalization compatibility model
  • National Research Foundation – Mechanical ventilation systems (International Equipment Training Grants)
  • Travel Destination for Training: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • National Research Foundation: Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration
  • University of Johannesburg Research Committee Fund (URC) Research Funding Assessment of the Perceived Impact of Library Use on the Research Productivity of the Built Environment.
  • ILO Zambia Green Job Programme, Research Grants on Green Job creation in Zambia. Commissioned by ILO
  • UN Zambia Human Development Report 2014.
    Theme: Industrialization in Zambia: Poverty Reduction through Wealth and Job Creation for Inclusive Development)