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Career Assessment and counselling services

Career Services offers the opportunity for clients to conduct career assessments whereby they can discover and exploration their potential study and career opportunities. The assessment enables clients to explore their academic potential, personality and interests to facilitate their journeys into promising future vocations. During this process clients will participate in an intake and feedback interview, and conduct a computerized career assessment.
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Learners and prospective students


Career Services offers a variety of career advisory and guidance services to assist secondary school learners and prospective students in the execution of important career-related decisions. In addition, we offer career advice and counselling to mature students who might want to further their studies and careers, as well as assisting adults who are going through career changes. 
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Grade 9 subject choice                                                                                                                                             

Completion of a subject choice assessment will enable you to make wise and informed decisions about your subject and learner field package to take in Grade 10 until Grade 12, enabling you to pursue the widest range of realistic study options when you need to make a final decision regarding your future studies. 
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Grade 11 and 12 study and career decision-making                                                             

Choosing a course of study that fits your career interests and aptitudes is one of the most important career-related decisions that any learner will do on their career journey. Career Services will assist you in the exploration of realistic study options that will enable you to plan your long-term career progression. 
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YourCareer portal for UJ students                                                                                                     

YourCareer portal is an online careers tools exclusively for UJ students that assists you to prepare your CV, search for all types of jobs available to students, and to view and learn more about companies recruiting UJ students and graduates. 
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Services to UJ students                                                                                                                                               

Career Services offers various FREE career guidance and development services on all four UJ campuses to enrolled students at the University of Johannesburg. You are welcome to visit us for any advice that you may need to optimise your studies and your long-term career development. 
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Employers                                                                                                                                                            The University of Johannesburg's Career Services is excited about its Graduate Recruitment Programme. Our ultimate goal is to connect both employers and students, and create visibility for your brand as you recruit on our campuses, leading to career opportunities for UJ students through internships, part-time work and graduate career opportunities. 
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Services to employers                                                                                                                                

We invite all employers to participate in the Career Services: Recruitment Programme to recruit the most suitable, qualified graduates for your particular recruitment needs. We remain proud of the fact that the University of Johannesburg attracts the foremost employers interested in recruiting our high-calibre, sought-after graduates and diplomats. 
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The annual Career Services Recruitment Programme includes the following:

Advertise employment opportunities

Companies can advertise employment opportunities to UJ students and graduands through our YourCareer portal. 
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To register: https://ujohannesburg-csm.symplicity.com/employers/

Career Fairs

Career Services hosts a number of on-campus career fairs throughout the year that allow your organisation to meet with a large volume of students. 
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Company Presentations

Career Services offers companies the opportunity to address students on all four campuses for recruitment purposes. 
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Industry Talks

Career Services in collaboration with companies host informal gatherings that bring together students and professionals to discuss targeted career opportunities and to allow for more interactive discussion and the use of invited guests and motivational speakers. 
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Recruitment Guide: Placement of an advertisement
The Recruitment Guide is published annually, and is devoted to the UJ Recruitment Programme. 
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Venue Bookings
We offer opportunities to conduct on-campus interviews and assessments within our Career Services office space. 
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SMS Services
A faculty orientated sms service is available for recruitment purposes only. 
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Services to assist faculties with the career development of their students        

Career Services offers assistance to faculties to facilitate the career development of their students. Faculties may utilize Career Services for the following:

First Year Seminar and Orientation 

Career Services welcomes opportunities to address every first year group in all faculties during the First Year Seminar (FYS).
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Faculty referrals of students to Career Services

Please refer students to Career Services if they need assistance with any career guidance requests.
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Career Education / work place readiness programme 

Career Services offers workshops on various career development topics to equip students with the necessary career knowledge and practical skills.
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YourCareer portal (for students) - Click here to login

Help us to get your students active online on our YourCareer portal by encouraging students to link up with the YourCareer portal through the uLink Student Portal

Faculties may also advertise positions for student assistants through the YourCareer Portal.

Who to contact contact  

If you would like additional information about Career Services' employer engagement initiative and the annual graduate recruitment programme, you are welcome to contact:      

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator: Liesl Scheepers

 Tel: 011 559  2601

 Email: Liesls@uj.ac.za

Employer Relations Coordinator: Juliet Joseph-Solomons

 Tel: 011-559-2946

 Email: jjoseph@uj.ac.za

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Current Students
Please contact UJ PsyCaD Career Services at any UJ campus for more details or an appointment:
​​Auckland Park Kingsway Campus (APK):
011 559 3106 / 3324 
B5 Building / C-Ring 1
Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus (APB):
011 559 1318
Impala Court ​​​​
Doornfontein Campus (DFC):
011 559 6042
House 2, next to the Student Centre
Soweto Campus (SWC):
011 559 5752
Academic Block B
Prospective Students

For information or to make a booking for a paid appointment please call or visit UJ PsyCaD Career Services at any UJ campus.


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