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Head of Department/Associate Professor
Name: Elizabeth Lubinga
Location: B Ring 618B Bunting Road Campus
Department of Strategic Communication Staff, Faculty of Humanities, Rated Researchers  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 4070


About Prof Elizabeth Lubinga


Highest qualification: PhD; Tilburg University, the Netherlands


Prof Elizabeth Lubinga is an Associate Professor at the Department of Strategic Communication. Her teaching experience spans across various communication subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has published peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and presented papers at various national and international conferences. She has supervised postgraduate students.

Research Interests: Health Communication, Communication for Development and Social change, Converged health and digital communication, among others.

Journal publications

Malatji, J., Lubinga, E., & Oksiutycz, A. 2022. Examining Public Awareness of the Office of the Tax

Ombudsman in South Africa. Journal of Public Administration, 57 (2): 101-113.

Sitto, K., Lubinga, E., Chiumbu, S., Sobane, K., & Mpofu, N. 2022. Evaluating South African and Namibian governments’ use of digital media during Covid‐19. World Medical & Health Policy. 1–18.

Lubinga, E., Sitto, K. & Molebatsi, K. 2021. Health disparities and the digital divide within South

African disadvantaged communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies, 13 (2): 285–302.

Manthata. M.M . & Lubinga, E. 2021. Exploring Knowledge and Behavioural Intentions for Implant Contraceptives Uptake among Rural South African Young Women. Gender and Behaviour, 19 (2): 17950 – 17963.

Sitto, K., Lubinga, E., & Geya, M. 2021. The power of narrative health communication: Exploring

possible effects of first-hand experiential stories on cancer awareness amongst university students. Journal of Transdisciplinary Research of South Africa. 2021;17(1), a1008.

de Rosa, A.S., Mannarini, T.,  de Montes, L.G., Holman, A., Lauri, M.A., Negura, L., Giacomozzi, A.I., Bousfield., A.B., Justo, A.M., Alba, M., Seidmann, S., Permanadeli,R., Sitto, K., & E. Lubinga. 2021. Sensemaking processes and social representations of COVID-19 in multi-voiced public discourse: Illustrative examples of institutional and media communication in ten countries. Community Psychology in Global Perspective, 7 (1): 13-53.

Sitto, K & Lubinga, E. 2021. “My Birth Control Makes Me Emotionally Psycho”: Online Female Narratives about Contraceptives. Communicatio, South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research, 47 (2): 96-121.

Oksiutycz, A. & Lubinga, E. 2021, Factors affecting the adoption of personal safety apps among millennials in Johannesburg, South Africa, South African Journal of Information Management 23(1), a1246. sajim.v23i1.1246.

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Lubinga, E. & Sitto, K. 2019. Dissonance of Rights: Digital Space, an Enabler of Conversations about Abortion amongst some South Africans. Communitas, 24:1-19.

Lubinga E., & Baloyi, M.L. 2019. Mining Social Media for Political Communication: An Analysis of Twitter Use between citizens and the African National Congress pre-2014 South African National Elections. Politikon, 46 (3): 275-288.

Lubinga, E., Maes, A., & Jansen, C.  2016. How Peer Conversations about HIV/AIDS Media Messages Affect Comprehension and Beliefs of Young South African Women. SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS, 13 (1): 68-80. 

Lubinga, E. 2015. Interpersonal communication about sexuality and HIV/AIDS related messages among South African High School learners. Communitas, 20: 181-199.

Books and chapters in books

Lubinga, E. & Sitto, K. 2021. Health Communication in Africa. In: Routledge Handbook of African Media and Communication Studies,. W. Mano & v.C.Milton (eds,) 1st edition. (pp. 217-233). New York: Routledge.

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Lubinga, E. 2020. ‘Uganda Can Protect Chinese Investors but Not Its Own Citizens?’ Paradoxical Perspectives in Xenophobic Narratives and Practices Fostering Otherness in Uganda. In: D. Moyo & S. Mpofu (eds) Mediating Xenophobia in Africa: Unpacking Discourses of Migration, Belonging and Othering. (pp. 207-229). 1st edition. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

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