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Post-Doctorial Research Fellow
Name: Nowell Chidakwa
Location: B Ring 424 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, ​Postdoctoral Research Fellows  Staff Members

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Tel: 011 559 2832


About Dr Nowell Chidakwa

Dr Nowell Chidakwa is a Postdoctoral in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg. His studies focus on behaviour management in education, managing education for orphans and vulnerable rural children, sustainable and transformational rural education, poverty and gender issues, and comparative education within a political analyst point of view. He is passionate about rural schools and rurality from strength-based theories. Dr Chidakwa have an understanding of the role of community engagement in finding solution their problems. His work explores both the empirical data level and the underpinning theoretical discourses of education, work and skills development. This experience drives him resolve to engage in research to further understand and contribute to research in the complex rural education communities.

Community engagement: A member of PEER Network Research Associate (Ulster, Cape Town, Nazarbayev and Sussex)

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