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Name: Hayley van der Haar-Lockie
Location: GNA 222, Robert Sobukwe Building Soweto Campus
Department of Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Staff  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 559 5222


About Mrs. Hayley van der Haar-Lockie

Hayley is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education’s Department of Childhood Education. She is based on the Soweto Campus of UJ and her area of specialization is Foundation Phase Teacher Training. She has taught in multiple modules and subjects in both FP and IP B.Ed. programmes. Hayley also  teaches in the Postgraduate B.Ed (Hons) programme, where her focus is on mentoring student and novice teachers. Prior to this, she taught for twenty years in a primary school and was also a school head of department. Her postgraduate qualifications include a Bed Honours degree in educational leadership and management from UJ and Master’s degree obtained from UJ in 2019. She is currently registered as a doctoral student. Her current research interest includes the teaching of initial reading in the foundation phase of schooling.

Recent publications: 

Kortjass, M., Mphahlele, S., van der Haar, H., Webb, L., Mathews, C., & Henning, E. (2021). Teacher educators of numeracy: ‘Signifying’ standards of pedagogy. In S. Gravett & E. Henning (Eds.), Glimpses into Primary School Teacher Education in South Africa (pp. 104-114). Routledge.