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Associate Professor
Name: Corné Meintjes
Location: B-Ring 620 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3617


About Prof Corné Meintjes

Corné has worked in higher education for the past twenty (20) years and specialises in the areas of strategic communication, marketing and stakeholder engagement. She holds a Doctor of Commerce degree from the University of Pretoria, highlighting the importance of stakeholder relationship management and corporate governance enabling organisations to be good corporate citizens. She has lectured 39 unique courses at various levels at six different institutions including an international institution (Monash University), published several peer-reviewed articles, and book chapters, and presented at several local and international academic conferences. She developed and delivered 14 unique industry courses/workshops. Corné is active in various university committees and has fulfilled several leadership roles in educational management and administration. She actively supervises Masters and Doctoral students to completion and currently holds a National Research Foundation (South African) Thuthuka Grant. Latest research outputs Meintjes, C. & Slabbert, Y. In: Verwey, S., Benecke, R, & Phumo, T. (Eds.). (2021). Chapter 9: Building relational capital through strategic stakeholder engagement. Strategic Communication: South African Perspectives. Cape Town: OUP, In press. Peer-reviewed. ISBN: 9780190751234 Epub ISBN: 9780190736859 Meintjes, C. & Slabbert, Y. In: Verwey, S., Benecke, R, & Phumo, T. (Eds.). (2021). Chapter 12: Brand legitimacy and social justice: building social capital through corporate social responsiveness.  Strategic Communication: South African Perspectives. Cape Town: OUP, In press. Peer-reviewed. ISBN: 9780190751234 Epub ISBN: 9780190736859 Meintjes, C., Heidig, W. & Dobbelstein, T. (2021). Whether to adopt or not? A cross-country comparison of consumer resistance towards the Internet of Things in households. Retail and Marketing Review, 17(2): 30-51 (DHET) Meintjes, C. (2021). The authentic corporate citizen: the role of relational transparency and stakeholder relationship cultivation strategies. Management Dynamics, 30(3):1-17. ISSN (Print): ISSN: 1019-567X. Online ISSN: 2710-5245   (DHET, IBSS, Scopus) Robertson, R. & Meintjes, C. (2021). Towards an Online Risk Mitigation Framework for Political Brands subject to computational propaganda. Communicatio, 47(1): 95-121. ISSN: 0250-0167. Online ISSN: 1853-5379 (DHET, Scopus) Corbishley, K.M., Mason, R. B. & Meintjes, C. (2020). Perceived benefits of loyalty programs and relationship quality. International journal of customer relationship marketing and management, 11(1):1-18. ISSN: 1947-9247 EISSN: 1947-9255 DOI:10.4018/IJCRMM (DHET, Scopus) Meintjes, C. 2015. Stakeholder relationships within integrated communication (In Strategic Integrated Communication by D Mulder & I. Niemann-Struweg(eds)) Peer-reviewed. Meintjes, C. & Grobler, A. (2014). Do Public Relations Professionals understand corporate governance issues well enough to advise companies on stakeholder relationship management? Public Relations Review, 40(2):161-170 ISSN:0363-9111. (DHET, Scopus, Australian Business Deans Council A Rating) Awards Best paper award             SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, April 15-16, 2017, Sydney. “Ensuring Corporate Citizenship by following nine practical stakeholder relationship management (SRM) guidelines? What businesses reveal.” Teaching award    Nominated for Best Lecturer by students at the University of Johannesburg – 2019 Co-Won Student Choice Award, Faculty of Humanities University of Johannesburg – 2021