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Associate Professor
Name: Corné Meintjes
Location: B-Ring 620 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3617


About Prof Corné Meintjes


BCom Communication Management, UP, 1999
BCom Honours Communication Management, UP, 2001
MCom Communication Management, UP, 2004
DCom Communication Management, UP, 2012
PGDip Higher Education, UJ, 2023


Corné is an Associate Professor in the Department of Strategic Communication. She specialises in strategic communication, specifically stakeholder engagement. Over her 20-year academic career, she has developed and lectured 40 unique courses at six local and international institutions. She publishes in local and international journals and books, presents at conferences, and engages with the industry in numerous ways, including developing workshops and judging awards. She has supervised several doctoral and master’s students to completion and holds a Thuthuka grant from the National Research Foundation. Her teaching focusses on helping students become agents of social change by co-constructing their knowledge and skills using an authentic, caring, connected and engaged learning eco-system.

Research Interests: stakeholder engagement, dialogic communication, networks


2008      Nominated as Best Teacher at Monash South Africa and selected to represent the campus at the Teaching Conference hosted by Monash Australia in Melbourne

2012      Academic excellent award for exceptional teaching for Marketing 1 and Consumer Behaviour 2 at Monash South Africa

2017      Best Paper Award at the SIBR Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, April 15-16, 2017, Sydney. “Ensuring Corporate Citizenship by following nine practical stakeholder relationship management (SRM) guidelines? What businesses reveal.”

2019      Nominated as Best Lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg

2021      Co-Won Student Choice Awards in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg

2021    Awarded a Thuthuka Grant for a research project entitled “Centrality of communication in networked communicative organisation-stakeholder relationships in a digital communication context”.

2022    Awarded a Digital Humanities Open Education Resource Champion award.   The champion initiative is conducted in collaboration with the North-West University Chair on Multimodal Learning and Open Education Resources, Escalator and Sadilar supported by the South African Department for Science and Innovation.

 Journal publications

Corbishley, K. M., Meintjes, C., & Mason, R. B. (2023). Loyalty program benefits and their effect on relationship quality and loyalty to the retailer. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478)12(2), 1–14. (DOAJ)

Berndt, A. & Meintjes, C. (2023). The interrelationship of family identities, personalities and expressions on family winery websites, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. (Scopus, WOS, Chartered Association of Business School AJC 1, Australian Business Deans Council A Rating)

Shabangu, P., Meintjes, C. & Ngcwangu, S. (2022). A purposeful multi-stakeholder learning dialogue (PMSLD) approach to mitigate high-conflict collective bargaining, Communicare: Journal for Communication Studies in Africa, 41(2): 118-134. (DHET)

Meintjes, C., Heidig, W. & Dobbelstein, T. (2021). Whether to adopt or not? A cross-country comparison of consumer resistance towards the Internet of Things in households. Retail and Marketing Review, 17(2): 30-51 Whether to adopt or not? A cross-country comparison of consumer resistance towards the Internet of Things in households | The Retail and Marketing Review ( (DHET)

Meintjes, C. (2021). The authentic corporate citizen: the role of relational transparency and stakeholder relationship cultivation strategies. Management Dynamics, 30(3):1-17. ISSN (Print): ISSN: 1019-567X. Online ISSN: 2710-5245   (DHET, IBSS, DOAJ)

Robertson, R. & Meintjes, C. (2021). Towards an Online Risk Mitigation Framework for Political Brands subject to computational propaganda. Communicatio, 47(1): 95-121. ISSN: 0250-0167. Online ISSN: 1853-5379 (DHET, Scopus)

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Meintjes, C., Niemann-Struweg, I. & De Wet, G. (2012). South African Corporate Communication practice and its obstacles for future progression. African Journal of Business Management, 6(51): 12043-12051. ISSN: 1993-8233. DOI: 10.5897/AJBM Microsoft Word – Meintjes et al pdf (

Meintjes, C., Niemann-Struweg, I. & Petzer, D. (2011). Evaluating web marketing of luxury lodges in South Africa. African Journal of Marketing Management, 3(9): 223-240. ISSN: 2141-2421. DOI: 10.5897/AJMM

Meintjes, C. & Niemann-Struweg, I. (2011). Corporate Communication learner opinions of experiential learning for professional development in South Africa. Communicatio, 37(1):173-189 ISSN: 0250-0167 Online ISSN: 1853-5379 (DHET, Scopus)

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Meintjes, C. & Steyn, B. (2006). A critical evaluation of the Downs Hazen Instrument (CSQ) by measuring employee communication satisfaction at a Private Higher Education Institution in South Africa. Communicatio, 32(1): 152 – 188. Print ISSN: 0250-0167 Online ISSN: 1853-5379 (DHET, Scopus)

 Books and chapters in books

Boshoff, C., Human, D., Makudu, D., Meintjes, C. & Nel, J. (2023). Principles of Marketing. OUP: South Africa (contributed four chapters).

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De Wet, G., Meintjes, C. & Niemann-Struweg, I. 2008. Corporate Communication Practices and Trends South Africa Benchmark Study 2007/8. In Theaker, A. The Public Relations Handbook (website companion). Routledge:

 Conference participation (in the last 5 years):

Paper delivered at the 2022 Annual SACOMM conference, Wits University, entitled From City Halls to Virtual Halls: Public Participation and Governance reimagined in the South African Local Government with Mr Elmon Motlautsi

Paper delivered at the 2022 87th Annual International Association for Business Communication Conference, Tamba, Florida, USA, Online entitled Rebranding as crisis response strategy: a stakeholder relationship management perspective with Prof Yolandi Botha.

Paper delivered at the 2021 2nd Annual African Family Business Research Conference, Online, entitled: south African family wineries – A family business brand matrix perspective with Prof Adele Berndt. See the presentation and panel discussion

Paper delivered at the 2020 IAMCR Conference, Online, entitled: Computational propaganda – friend or foe to South African political party brands with Mr Randy Robertson.

 Contact details:

Tel: 011 559 3617         Email: