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Assistant Lecturer
Name: Christopher Koekemoer
Location: GNA 223, Robert Sobukwe Building Soweto Campus
Department of Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Staff  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 559 5527


About Mr. Christopher Koekemoer

About Christopher Koekemoer

Christopher has worked in higher education in various positions as a tutor, marker, facilitator, lecturer and in the private sector as a language teacher. He is qualified in linguistics, language awareness, and cross-cultural communication. He specializes in literary studies with a focus on African literature and academic literacy. His research is centred on marginalized communities and identities as well as alternative ways of assessment in literary studies.

Recent publications

Wayne, C., & Grogan, B. (2018). Abjection in Dambudzo Marechera’s The House of Hunger. Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde, 55(2), 104–119.

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