Meet The Team

Project Leadership Group

Prof Wesahl Domingo

Project Oversight
Executive Dean, Faculty of Law

Dr Charissa Fawole

Project Coordinator
Lecturer, Department of Public Law

Ms Ntombise Mangqase

Project Fundraiser
Director: Fundraising and Administration, Internationalisation

Ms Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi

Project Administrator
Executive Secretary to the Executive Dean, Faculty of Law

Core Team

Dr Franaaz Khan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Private Law

Dr Letitia Smuts

Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Sociology

Dr Herman Myburgh

Senior Lecturer, Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS)

Ms Laura Dlepu

Director, WOZA

University of Johannesburg Team

Prof Roxan Laubscher

Associate Professor, Public Law

Prof Michele Van Eck

Associate Professor and Head of Department, Private Law

Dr Yvette Joubert

Lecturer, Department of Procedural Law

Mr Elton Hart

Attorney, UJ Law Clinic

WOZA Partners

Ms Rehana Khan Parker

Director, WOZA

Ms Subashnee Moodley

Director, WOZA

Mapongwana Attorneys Inc Partner

Ms Belinda Mapongwana

Founder and Director, Mapongwana Attorneys Inc

SAC-IAWJ Partners

Judge Shanaaz Mia

Judge Dario Dosio

Magistrate Ruby Matthys

Magistrate Chrisholm Noble

Group Photos

Standing, left to right:

Dr Franaaz Khan (UJ), Mr Elton Romeo Hart (UJ), Dr Letitia Smuts (UJ), Ms Subashnee Moodley (WOZA), Magistrate Chrisholm Noble (SAC-IAWJ), Magistrate Ruby Matthys (SAC-IAWJ), Ms Ntombi Mangqase (UJ), Dr Herman Myburgh (UJ), Prof Michele van Eck (UJ)

Seated left to right:

Ms Belinda Mapongwana (Mapongwana Attorneys Inc.), Ms Laura Dlepu (WOZA), Judge Dario Dosio (SAC-IAWJ), Judge Shanaaz Mia (SAC-IAWJ), Prof Wesahl Domingo (UJ), Dr Charissa Fawole (UJ), Ms Rehana Parker (WOZA), Dr Yvette Joubert (UJ), and Ms Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi.

University of Johannesburg: Project Leadership Group

Left to right: Ms Ntombi Mangqase, Ms Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi, Prof Wesahl Domingo, and Dr Charissa Fawole.

Project Core Team

Standing left to right: Ms Ntombi Mangqase, Ms Laura Dlepu, Dr Letitia Smuts, Dr Charissa Fawole.

Seated left to right: Dr Franaaz Khan, Prof Wesahl Domingo, and Ms Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi.

University of Johannesburg

Standing left to right: Mr Elton Romeo Hart, Prof Michele van Eck, Ms Ntombi Mangqase, Dr Herman Myburgh, Dr Charissa Fawole, Dr Letitia Smuts, and Dr Yvette Joubert.

Seated left to right: Dr Franaaz Khan, Prof Wesahl Domingo, and Ms Mmakoena Mpshane-Nkosi.

WOZA Partners

Left to right: Ms Subashnee Moodley, Ms Laura Dlepu, and Ms Rehana Parker.

Mapongwana Attorneys Inc.

Ms Belinda Mapongwana

SAC-IAWJ Partners

Standing left to right: Magistrate Ruby Matthys and Magistrate Chrisholm Noble.

Seated left to right: Judge Dario Dosio and Judge Shanaaz Mia.

Lead Organisation

University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Law

Our Partners