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Sociology 1A – The Individual and Society
The relationship of individuals to social institutions such as the family, religion, education
Course coordinator: Dr Siphelo Ngcwangu
Term 1: Social Theory and Family
APK: Dr Siphelo Ngcwangu
DFC: Dr Muhammed Suleman

Term 2: Deviance and Religion
APK: Prof Tapiwa Chagonda
DFC: Dr Muhammed Suleman
Sociology 1B - Dynamics of Social Division
Social divisions and their dynamics as manifested in race, class, gender and power relations
Course coordinator: Dr Siphelo Ngcwangu  
Term 3: Power, the State and the Workplace
APK: Prof Pragna Rugunanan
Term 4: Gender, Class and Race
APK: Mr Lerato Kgosiemang
Sociology 2A - Social Relations
Group dynamics and conflict studies
Course coordinator: Prof Tina Uys  
Term 1: Group Dynamics
APK: Prof Tina Uys
Term 2: Conflict Studies
APK: Prof Ingrid Palmary
Sociology 2B - Population Dynamics
Approaches to population change with a focus on the sociology of aids, migration and demography
Course coordinator:  Prof Tina Uys / Dr Muhammed Suleman 
Term 3: Clinical Sociology
APK: Dr Muhammed Suleman
Term 4: Population Dynamics
APK: Dr Luke Sinwell
Sociology 3A - Social Research Methods and Sociology at Work
Social Research Methodology and the Sociology of Work
Course coordinator: Dr Letitia Smuts
Term 1: Social Research Methodology
APK: Dr David du Toit
Term 2: Sociology of Work
APK: Dr Trevor Ngwane
Sociology 3B - Classical and Contemporary Sociology
Globalisation and Social Theory
Course coordinator: Dr Letitia Smuts
Term 3: Globalisation
APK: Dr Siphelo Ngcwangu
Term 4: Sociological Theory
Prof Malehoko Tshoaedi
Each third-year course has to be taken alongside a research practical
Lecturer: Dr Letitia Smuts

A student may take sociology as a major in any of the following BA degrees: Humanities, Social Work, Social and Marketing Research, Sports Development, Psychology, Law, Journalism, Corporate Communications, Geography and Development Studies, as well as BComm. Aside from its relevance as a major course, it is also an excellent supporting subject for other courses, and especially for students who want to specialise in Social Work and Nursing. As a supporting subject, sociology can be taken in the following B Comm degrees: Communication, Education, and Transport Economics.