Postgraduate Supervision Areas

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If you are interested in a particular staff member, please find their contact details and individual research interests through the Staff page. You may contact them directly, but you will still need to follow the application process outlined here. Individual supervision and co-supervision arrangements are possible.

The department is extremely fortunate to have staff who are able to supervise across a range of key specialisations, listed below.

Areas of Postgraduate Supervision

Gender, Family and Sexuality in History
Natasha Erlank, Nafisa Essop Sheik, Gerald Groenewald

Nationalisms, Law and the State in South African History
Khumisho Moguerane, Faeeza Ballim, Stephen Sparks, Juan Klee, Nafisa Essop Sheik, Thembisa Waetjen

Histories of Science, Technology and Medicine
Faeeza Ballim, Stephen Sparks, Thembisa Waetjen, Natasha Erlank, Brett Bennett

Sport, Urban Space and Institutions
Juan Klee, Louis Grundlingh, Stephen Sparks, Faeeza Ballim, Natasha Erlank

Environmental History
Brett Bennett, Gregory Barton, Stephen Sparks

Global Histories of Empire and Colonialism
Gerald Groenewald, Nafisa Essop Sheik, Khumisho Moquerane, Gregory Barton

Culture and Religion in Southern Africa
Natasha Erlank, Khumisho Moguerane, Nafisa Essop Sheik, Thembisa Waetjen, Brett Bennett

History of Ideas, Theory and Historiography
Gerald Groenewald, Nafisa Essop Sheik, Stephen Sparks, Khumisho Moguerane

Economy, Infrastructure and Modernity
Faeeza Ballim, Stephen Sparks, Thembisa Waetjen

Public History
Juan Klee, Gerald Groenewald, Natasha Erlank, Thembisa Waetjen, Gerald Groenewald