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Current First year course offerings

Historical Studies 1A (First Semester) – A History of Humanity to 1500

Historical Studies 1B (Second Semester) – A History of Humanity since 1500


Current Second Year course offerings

Historical Studies 2A (First Semester) – Africa to 1800

Historical Studies 2B (Second Semester) – Africa since 1800


Third Year course offerings

In the third year of study, students are offered modules on a variety of topics. Most of these change each year.

In term one, students are introduced to research methods and sources used to produce knowledge about the past.

In the three subsequent terms, historians in the department offer specialised courses within their fields of expertise and research. Students have some choice in selecting topics of focus. In the past, offerings have included historical themes related to slavery, consumerism, the family, gender, drugs, leisure, economy, health, among others.