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BengTech Physical & Extraction metallurgy:

Metallurgy at the university of Johannesburg allows you to be developed into a specialist in metallurgy. Metallurgy at the University of Johannesburg involves the engineering principles required to concentrate, extract, and refine metals, materials, and carbon (coal) materials, as well as to develop new alloys and materials, including ceramics and composites.



Core subjects in Materials Engineering focus on the structure and behaviour of materials and their conversion into usable forms (through heat treatment, welding and forming processes, and powder metallurgy). As in Extraction metallurgy, the curriculum also focuses on the issues of environmental engineering, management, professional ethics and business studies within the engineering field.

There is a strong emphasis on design and project work, with the programme culminating in an extensive laboratory project and a large design project. The degree programme provides a sound foundation for future postgraduate study, as well as a career in technical management.

Career opportunities:

Design, operate and manage industrial plants which extract and refine minerals and metals, and convert them into more useful and valuable products by developing and enhancing their properties

Job titles:

Extractive Metallurgist

Process Control Engineer

Metallurgical Plant Design Engineer

Corrosion Engineer

Foundry Engineer

Heat Treatment Engineer

Failure Analysis Consultant

Tribologist Materials Consultants

Private equity in the mining industry


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