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Metallurgy involves the engineering principles required to extract valuable metals from ores/minerals and process them into useful components needed in varying technological applications and human endeavours. It focusses on the concentration, extraction and refining metals, materials, and carbon (coal) materials, as well as the development of new metallic alloys, polymers, ceramics and composites. Metallurgy covers how these materials can be safely transformed into products that benefit humanity, things such as surgical implants, computer chips, cars, materials for space exploration, and more.

In the Metallurgy department at UJ, we offer a unique and “true” metallurgical engineering program with an emphasis on processing and engineering as well as manufacturing principles. You will learn in a project-based environment, enjoying labs to get hands-on experience in the field. We are divided into two streams (Physical metallurgy and extraction Metallurgy). All modules are offered at DFC campus.

Head of Department: Prof Willie Nheta
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