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Innovative Data Warehouses for Cloud Systems using Microsoft AI

The SLP has come about as a need to develop deeper skills in AI than we have seen traditionally. With ever-changing technology environments within the work force, we have been provided with an opportunity to build these deeper skills, through the Microsoft collaboration. The collaboration and the SLP allows students to develop their AI capabilities and business skills, and also assisting one in becoming a Microsoft-certified professional, and get hands-on experience working on real projects – preparing them for the data driven world of work and equipping them with the adaptive skills needed to step into the workplace with confidence.  The content for this SLP was developed by Microsoft and will be co-branded as a UJ-Microsoft SLP.  UJ would partner with Microsoft on the provision of learning resources (SCORM files), which will be presented on UJ’s Blackboard platform. Data warehousing is one of the driving technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

This technology has proven to have a direct and vital impact on organizational decision making and business insights. Modern organisations generate massive data by the second, and often require complementary secondary data sinks, this highlights the importance of warehouses. This SLP justifies the need for data structure and management as applicable in modern day business models.

This SLP programme will introduce students to the basics of the networking, software development, and cloud systems. Additionally, this programme intends to explore some of the economic benefits that could assist organisations to encourage ongoing productivity. Furthermore, this program aims to equip students with the necessary skills for improving data transformation and AI adaptability. Range of typical students (occupations, jobs, or areas of activity in which the student will be able to operate)Banking industry and all parts of the financial sector, beginners in data analytics, business analysts, Research and Development strategists, small business unit – but not limited to IT managers and engineers. Including civil servant (people in government departments). Value added to the qualifying student The student will gain a basic understanding of the Microsoft Azure Platform and its Implementation in business models.

In addition, this SLP would allow any qualified students that completes the programme to undertake selected MTA exams with Microsoft. Benefits to the sector, society and the economy for which the programme is developed Most organisations have incorporated some form of AI solutions in their business environment. Raw data that is fed into these techniques would have to be warehoused and analysed for their uniqueness. Analysts that use raw data on a daily basis can readily develop sufficient skills on platforms such as Microsoft Azure. Understanding the impact of such raw data within an organisation can be significantly enhanced by the application of AI solutions on Microsoft Azure.  This program will introduce students to the economic value of data warehousing in existing organisations. This SLP caters for individuals that have limited knowledge of computer networking systems, software fundamentals, and cloud warehousing from different sectors.