Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

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The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology focuses on building, implementing and creating cutting-edge knowledge or technologies related to:
  • Power Engineering (Heavy Current) – modern generation, transmission, distribution, control and utilization of electrical energy, power electronics, electrical machines and drives.
  • Electronic Engineering (Light Current) – telecommunication systems, process instrumentation or automation, software engineering and computer networks.

The application of these technologies is essential to sustainable development of our society as well as of all other nations around the world.

Our goal, in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, is to produce a well-rounded graduate capable of creating new technologies or applying existing ones, in an integrated and innovative fashion, to design implementation, installation maintenance, fault investigations and repairs as well as to infrastructure building or refurbishment work associated to electrical engineering (both heavy and light current) projects. Also, the department exposes our students to complementary knowledge such as project management and safety reinforcement skills, which enable them to assume leadership role with high standard in the course of project execution.

Technology creation through research work is very important to the department as it unleashes our student potentials to undertake high-level research projects at Master’s and Doctorate levels with outputs ranging from conference proceedings articles to creative outputs (patents).

Head of Department: Prof Pitshou Ntambu Bokoro