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The Department of Electrical Engineering Technology is currently home to five research groups. Each of these groups hosts staff members as well as postgraduate students (Master’s and PhDs) whose research fields are aligned to the areas of interest of a particular research group. Research groups contribute to the research output units and postgraduate supervision in the Faculty. Furthermore, research collaboration with other institutions as well as with leading engineering and technological organizations are strongly pursued for the purpose of enhancing industry-relevant research. Such industrial partners are: ESKOM, Huawei, City Power, Schneider electric, Unitronics and many others. The research groups are as follows:


A. Power Quality and Insulation (PQI)

Contact Person – Prof P. Bokoro (

Research Areas: Power systems; reliability; condition monitoring of dielectrics and insulating materials; power quality; surge protection; energy systems; power grids, electricity markets; load forecasting and modelling.

B. Design and Control of Rotating Electrical Machines

Contact Person – Dr. M. Muteba (

Research Areas: Design and control of electrical machines, electric vehicles, renewable energy      technologies, optimization techniques. 

C.  Artificial Intelligence for Electrical Engineering Applications (AIEEA)

 Contact Person – Prof. T. Shongwe (

Research Areas: Telecommunications, power-line communications, smart grid, and visible light communications, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Renewable Energy, Power Systems, Power Engineering, Power Distribution and Generation.

 D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Communication (EEEC)

Contact Person – Prof. K. Ogudo (

Research Areas: Micro-Nano electronics, optoelectronics, photonics engineering, microwave and millimetre-wave communication, satellite communication systems, instrumentation and automation, data science, machine learning, microelectronics and cloud computing

E.  Multidisciplinary Innovation in Engineering Applications (MIEA)

Contact Person – Dr. P. Baron (

Research Areas: Acoustics and audio engineering, videography, wearables, cybernetics, education, social studies, cross disciplinary research and research methods