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The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (DEEET) offers both undergraduate (Bachelor of Engineering Technology – B. Eng. Tech) and postgraduate (B. Eng. Tech Hons; M.Eng and Ph.D) programmes in the following fields of specialization in electrical engineering: Power Engineering (Heavy Current) and Electronic Engineering (Light Current) – which consists of Control and Process Instrumentation as well as Telecommunication systems (data, voice, video, etc…).

Graduates of these programmes may professionally register with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as well as with other international professional bodies, and thereby be able to practice electrical engineering profession in South Africa and abroad as professional engineering technologists, associate or field engineers.

Our Graduates are adequately equipped to embrace wide career opportunities that await them in industry. Such opportunities range from a career in electricity utility companies (generation, transmission and/or distribution), control and switching of electrical machines and manufacturing processes, automated systems, design and implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles, railway systems, installation, maintenance and repairs of wired or mobile telecommunication systems, distributed energy systems to electrical engineering consultants.