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NameTelephone NumberOffice NumberRoleCampus
Dr Beniamin KnutssonResearch Village, House 8Visiting Research FellowBunting Road Campus
Dr Carol Anne SpreenResearch Village, House 8Bunting Road Campus
Prof Derrick P AlridgeResearch Village,House 8Visiting ProfessorBunting Road Campus
Prof Leon Tikly+27 (011) 559 1148ProfessorBunting Road Campus
Prof Linda Chisholm011 559 1148/1920Research Village,House 8ProfessorBunting Road Campus
Prof Mondli Hlatshwayo011 559 1915Research Village,House 8Senior Researcher
Prof Salim Vally011 559 1148/1912Research Village,House 8DirectorBunting Road Campus