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Name: Leon Tikly
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About Prof Leon Tikly

A key focus of Leon’s work is education in low income countries and in particular countries of sub-Saharan Africa. He currently directs a project on language supportive textbooks and ped-agogy in Rwanda. He recently led a DfID funded Research Programme Consortium (RPC) on Implementing Education Quality in Low Income Countries (EdQual). The consortium includ-ed partners based in the UK, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania, Pakistan and Chile. The research programme focused on understanding the factors that shape the educational achievement of disadvantaged learners in Africa and strategies to improve the quality of edu-cation particularly in science and mathematics education, the use of ICTs in the classroom, school leadership and language and literacy. Leon has also undertaken projects focusing on globalisation and skills for development in Africa and on leadership and change in South Af-rican schools. Leon is also interested in the achievement of Black and Minority Ethnic learners at risk of underachieving in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Although Leon’s work is practical in orientation and has been impactful on policy and practice it is underpinned by theoretical questions. These include how to conceptualise education as an aspect of the ‘postcolonial condition’, the impact of globalisation on the low income, world and how to understand the relationship between education, inequality and social justice.​