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Visiting Research Fellow
Name: Beniamin Knutsson
Location: Research Village, House 8 Bunting Road Campus
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About Dr Beniamin Knutsson


Beniamin Knutsson is a visiting research fellow at CERT. He also holds a position as Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Concerned with issues of power and inequality, Beniamin’s research focuses mainly on education, sustainable development and international aid. His work is informed by post-foundational political thought and theory on biopolitics/governmentality. He is currently exploring the implementation of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP) in South Africa through a biopolitical lens.

Selected publications

Knutsson, B. (2018) Green machines? Destabilizing discourse in technology education for sustainable development. Critical Education 9(3): 1–18.

Knutsson, B. & Lindberg, J. (2018) Depoliticisation and dissensus in the Global Partnership for Education: Rethinking the post-political condition. Journal of International Relations and Development. Available early-view.

Hellberg, S. & Knutsson, B. (2018) Sustaining the life-chance divide? Education for sustainable development and the global biopolitical regime. Critical Studies in Education 59(1): 93–107.

Knutsson, B. & Lindberg, J. (2017) Studying “the political” in international aid to education: Methodological considerations. Comparative Education Review 61(4): 701–725.

Knutsson, B. (2016) Responsible risk taking: The neoliberal biopolitics of people living with HIV/AIDS. Development and Change 47(4): 615–639.

Knutsson, B. (2014) Smooth machinery: Global governmentality and civil society HIV/AIDS work in Rwanda. Globalizations 11(6): 793–807.

Knutsson, B. (2013) Swedish environmental and sustainability education research in the era of post-politics? Utbildning & Demokrati 22(2): 105–122.—swedish-environmental-and-sustainability-education-research-in-the-era-of-post-politics.pdf

Knutsson, B. (2012) The ‘making’ of knowledge society in Rwanda? Translations, tensions and transformations. Globalisation, Societies and Education 10(2): 181–199.

Knutsson, B. & Lindberg, J. (2012) Education, development and the imaginary global consensus: Reframing educational planning dilemmas in the South. Third World Quarterly 33(5): 807–824.