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2022 Working Papers

WP 2022-01: Kaziboni, L., and Roberts, S. (2022).

Industrial policy for a just transition to a green economy: The importance of regional food value chains in Southern Africa.


WP 2022-02: Paus, E., Robinson, M., and Tregenna, F. (2022).

Firm Innovation in Africa and Latin America: Heterogeneity and Country Context.


WP 2022-03: Habiyaremye, A., King, N.A., and Tregenna, F. (2022).

Innovation and socio-economic development challenges in South Africa: An overview of indicators and trends.


WP 2022-04: Galetti, J., and Tregenna, F. (2022).

How do cognitive proximity and knowledge networks affect firms’ innovation? Evidence from micro and small firms in Johannesburg, South Africa.


WP 2022-05: Mamphiswana, R. (2022).

Positioning the South African economy for new industries: policy lessons from East Asia.


WP: 2022-06: Itaman, R. E. (2022).

Is manufacturing in Africa constrained by finance? An empirical analysis of the finance-manufacturing nexus.



2021 Working Papers

WP 2021-01: Whitfield, L., Marslev, K., and Staritz, C. (2021).

Can apparel export industries catalyse industrialisation? Combining GVC participation and localisation.


WP 2021-02: Tregenna, F., Ewinyu, A., Oqubay, A., and Valodia, I. (2021).

Challenges and Complexities of the South African Economy.


WP 2021-03: Naidoo, K., Bengoa, M., Kraemer-Mbula, E., and Tregenna, F. (2021).

Firm Innovation and Employment in South Africa: Examining the Role of Export Participation and Innovation Novelty.


WP 2021-04: Ncube, P., and Tregenna, F. (2021).

Input-output linkages and interdependence between countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).


WP 2021-05: Ganguly, A. (2021).

Growth Regimes and Uneven Development in Open Economies: Demand and Distribution Regimes in the context of Global Value Chains.


WP 2021-06: Winkler, H., and Black, A. (2021).

Creating employment and reducing emissions: Options for South Africa.


WP 2021-07: Naude, W. (2021).

Late Industrialisation under Platform Capitalism.


WP 2021-08a: Alexander, R. (2021).

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and National Innovation Systems: Key Concepts and Snapshot of South Africa


WP 2021-08b: Alexander, R. (2021).

Assessing the Ability of the National Innovation System of South Africa to Facilitate the Fourth Industrial Revolution


WP 2021-08c: Alexander, R. (2021).

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in South African Manufacturing and Connectivity: Case Studies of Automotive and Mining Equipment Manufacturing, along with Transportation and ICT Infrastructure and Services


WP 2021-09: Nomaler, O., Spinola, D., & Verspagen, B. (2021).

Demand-led Industrialisation Policy in a Dual-sector Small Balance of Payments Constrained Economy.

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