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Working Paper Series

The SARChI Industrial Development Working Paper Series constitutes preliminary research outputs of researchers within the Chair, and also the outputs stemming from collaborations with those of associate researchers. The Working Paper series aims to increase the accessibility of research stemming from the work done at the DSI/NRF SARChI Industrial Development. Papers are freely available on this website for downloading.


Policy Brief Series

The DSI/NRF SARChI Industrial Development (SARChI-ID) Policy Brief Series brief summary of research outputs produced by the Chair. The policy briefs highlight the direct implications of the research for government policy. Papers are freely available on this website for downloading.


AIP21 Policy Brief Series

The African Industrial Policy in the 21st Century (AIP21) network brings together scholars to share research results and outline a new research agenda in view of developing new thinking for a green and resilient industrial policy in Africa for the 21st century. The AIP21 Network organized a series of workshops in 2022 on green industrialization in Africa at Copenhagen Business School and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, with co-funding from DANIDA’s Knowledge in Action grant. These policy briefs are some of the outputs from the workshops.