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Reginald Kgwedi


Kgwedi, Mashumu Reginald

Reginald Kgwedi is a transport economist, who is passionate about public transport and mobility innovation. His areas of research interest include public (passenger) transport, sustainable transport, maritime and energy studies. In March 2014, Mr. Reginald Kgwedi was the well-known founder who had initiated The Transport and Logistics Students Association (TaLSA) at the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management at the University of Johannesburg. TaLSA is the official mouthpiece of Transport and Logistics students/ academics in the institutions of higher learning (Universities) and FET/ TVET Colleges. It was officially launched on the 22nd of September 2015 at the University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality. TaLSA was established to create an engagement and networking platform for transport and logistics students and to intensify research and development in the field.


Mr. Kgwedi, a mobility enthusiast, holds degrees from the University of Johannesburg, University of Antwerp (Belgium) and Stellenbosch University in the fields of Transportation Management, Transport Economics, and Logistics Management. Some of the development programs obtained include a Certificate of Energy Industry and Policy Management from Wits Business School, Project Management from University of Stellenbosch Business School, Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Advanced Industrial Economics from University of Antwerp’s Centre for Maritime and Air Transport Management (CMAT).


“What has sparked my interest in this field of study is the fact that Transport and Logistics have become subjects of the 21st century and every business needs to be acquainted with this field so that growth can be realized in business. It is a means to achieve mobility of people and goods. If we are not able to move people and goods, then we cannot grow the economy; therefore, it is critical that we invest in the field in both skills and resources. The world has become one part, and therefore needs to be sustained. I am hoping to see transport studies being introduced as part of our school curriculum”, says Mr. Kgwedi.

“If decisions are not made now, they will never be made; it’s about time we start moving people not cars”

Rosie 228x300


Rosy Chithlangu

Rosy Chithlangu is a 23 year old undergraduate from the University of Johannesburg; she is currently doing her final year in BCom Logistics Management (2016). She is passionate about entrepreneurship as well as transport and partakes in various transport initiatives and business activities. Her passion towards the logistics and transportation field was further nurtured when she cofounded a Transport and Logistics Students Association in 2014. She took on the secretarial responsibility in 2014 and later Vice Chair in 2015, Her current position is Chairwoman of TaLSA.

Under her leadership, TaLSA was officially recognised as a student body, followed by a launching event. TaLSA secured a tour to SAA Cargo and an educational experience at the Sandton EcoMobility World Festival. Discussions were held with City of Johannesburg, NDoT, SASTALC, and NWU for partnership. She remains very fond and committed to TaLSA and is extremely proud of the great strides the association has taken in establishing itself in the Logistics and Transportation industry.


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Carol Gaobodiwe

Carol Gaobodiwe is a BCom Logistics Management graduate, currently a part-time BCom Logistics Management honours student at the University of Johannesburg. She is one of the co-founders of the TaLSA student association in the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management.

Carol says “My biggest objective is learning and applying myself in the supply chain disciplines of my career, with an ultimate goal of becoming a successful logistics consultant”. She is regarded by her colleagues as one of the most hard-working, dedicated and motivated individuals. Her leadership role keeps the student association alive. TaLSA is officially recognised within the department and the SRC. Her aim is to continue playing a huge role in building the association.