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Transport and Logistics Student Association (TaLSA)

“For Students By Students​”


About us

The search for qualified and talented ​transport economists, planners and logisticians continues to be one of the greatest challenges faced by companies in the country and across the globe. The low output of students in transport and logistics qualifications remains a serious concern for the institutions of higher learning. The fact of the matter is that the number of students enrolling for the programmes (in logistics and transport) is increasing, but there is a need to do more in closing the scarce skills gap.

There is more that needs to be done to attract young people (Learners completing their Grade 12)to study in the fields of transport, logistics and supply chain.

Transport and Logistics Student Association (TaLSA), was founded in March 2014 by the University of Johannesburg students in the Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management (DTSCM). It started functioning under the Department (DTSCM) from that period with the help of the department staff. It was also registered under the University Of Johannesburg Student Representative Council (SRC) in February 2015 as an official society.

TaLSA is a non-profitable and student led association, established to create an engagement and networking platform for transport and logistics students. TaLSA works towards educating students and society in the field of Transport and Logistics (including Supply Chain Management) in order to intensify the research and development in the field.

The TaLSA database at the University of Johannesburg includes Undergraduate, Post-Graduate as well as Extra-Curricular or Part-time students on both Auckland Park Kingsway (APK) and Auckland Park Bunting (APB) campuses. This will further enhance engagement amongst students at a broader level.

“Offers an engagement and networking platform for transport and logistics students”


TaLSA will strive to offer an engagement platform for the transport and logistics students for the benefits of the students and the department.


TaLSA aims to engage and empower the students in the Transport and Logistics fields through education, research, mentorship and job opportunities.

Association Objecties
  • Act as the official mouthpiece of Transport and Logistics students of the University;
  • Unite, maintain and further the relationship between all Transport and Logistics students;
    Ensure participation of students in the current issues pertaining the subject (Transport and Logistics fields);
  • Build a resource-base for the Transport and Logistics students;
  • Create Opportunities for students through engagement with relevant stakeholders;
  • Provide career guidance to acquaint the scholars about transport and Logistics education programmes and career opportunities;
  • Ensure students actively participate in solving the transport and logistical challenges facing the country;
  • Visit prominent industries and companies for exposure to the real world and the latest trends within our field of study.
  • Encourage and promote debates on transport and related issues (e.g. Public transport);
  • Promote and support the programmes offered by the UJ Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management, Department of Transport and other transport and logistics stakeholders

For more information – email us: talsa@uj.ac.za