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Some of these podcasts are accompanied by white papers that cover the topics discussed. Click on the podcast series below to listen or the white paper below to read more.

Podcast: #UJ MarketingFit - The data conundrums of the 21st century
In this episode, the heavyweights of Marketing (Dr. Melanie van Rooy) and the UJ lecturers Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder and Prof Ilse Struweg unpack the data conundrums of the 21st century.

White paper: Data in Marketing 


#UJMarketingFit - Spotting a Pop vs Professional futurist
Spotting a ​Pop Futurist vs professional futurist with Bronwyn William (Flux Trends), Carmen Murray (Boo Yah!), Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder and Dr. Marius Wait 

White paper: Be FutureFit with foresight!  

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Why South African voters are resisting mobile political campaigns

By Prof Daniel Maduku

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Published in: Bizcommunity  

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in retail and the low-income consumer

Published in: Bizcommunity

By Ms. Semona Pillay 

​Retail in 2030: AI, IoT, big data, and omnichannel as teenagers

Published in: Bizcommunity  

​Is there a war between direct and online selling? Published in: Bizcommunity  

By Prof Marius Wait 

​Moving from differentiation to authenticity 
SA trends for brick and mortar stores - the present and the future
Published in: Bizcommunity  

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How SA's online stores can manage the 'deadweight loss of Christmas'  ​
Published in: Bizcommunity
By Dr. Thabang Mofokeng

Still that 11-letter word in marketing and communication: I-N-T-E-G-R-A-T-I-O-N

Published in: 

Published in: The Conversation

By Prof Ilse Struweg 
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