School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems

Department of Applied Information Systems

The Department of Applied Information Systems combines the activities of business and information communication technology to facilitate and exploit the use of IT to foster and support business activities within the enterprise and externally to its clients. Information Technology is one of the most exciting, expanding and evolving fields. The Department of Applied Information Systems strives to be the preferred provider of comprehensive and innovative ICT education, training and research programmes to benefit industry and broader society. The Department's strength resides in offering qualifications and research that combines ICT with business. 

Department of Information and Knowledge Management 

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management's core focus is on effective and impactful business decision-making. The Department's offerings equip students with the skills to effectively collect credible information, turning the findings into knowledge that may be used to make effective decisions and to compete strategically in an ever-changing business environment. Innovative thinking is a prerequisite when dealing with the Department of Information and Knowledge Management - a Department that strives to not only function, but be extraordinary in today's Knowledge Economy and to be an academic department recognised globally for its excellence in the teaching and researching of Information and Knowledge Management.

Department of Marketing Management

The Department of Marketing Management's core focus is to equip students through designing future forward comprehensive academic programmes that are aligned with industry standards. UJ is the only residential comprehensive university that offers a full spectrum on Marketing and Retailing qualifications, from certificate to doctoral level. The Department of Marketing Management is only one of a few institutions that offer qualifications in Retailing. The BCom Honours Marketing Management qualification was judged to be the benchmark programme in South Africa by the Peer Review Panel. The Department of Marketing Management strongly believes in establishing relationships with key-role players within the Marketing field and industry to stay ahead of trends and developments within the marketing sphere. UJ Marketing is home to the Most Impactful Marketing Resaerchers in Africa!