Cash Paying Students

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 Cash Paying Student 
➢ 1-month bank statement or letter confirming the banking details the funds need to be paid into.
Bank confirmation letter or Bank statement confirming the account funds need to be paid into


➢ Proof of payment(s) that is/are reflecting on the student statement (all payments made
which resulted in an over-payment of fees)


➢ All proof payment/s made towards the student account must be uploaded
(E-payment bank statement reflecting the transaction/s on the student account must be uploaded)


➢ ID copy of the bank account holder (should the refund be paid to a 3rd party
e.g., family member or guardian)


➢ NB: Payment/s or E-payment/s are made by the sponsor/s or guardian/s, their ID copies
and bank statement must be uploaded if they are to be refunded and/or if refund is going
to the student, then refund letter/s from the sponsor/s or guardian/ s must be uploaded.