Bursary/Sponsored Student

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Bursary/Sponsored Student
➢ 1-month bank statement or letter confirming the banking details the funds need to be paid into.
Bank confirmation letter or Bank statement confirming the account funds need to be paid into


➢ Approval Letter from the Bursary/Sponsor (we need this to confirm they are aware of the
refund application as well as the amount to be refunded). 
Reimbursement letter from Sponsor/s confirming the amount to be refunded back to sponsor or student must be uploaded.


➢ Proof of payment(s) that is/are reflecting on the student statement (only if your fees were paid by both yourself or family member/s and bursary/sponsor) and E-payment bank statement reflecting the transaction/s on the student account must be uploaded.


➢ For Internal Funding (e.g., Merit bursary, Faculty bursaries, Supervisor Linked bursary
and Ujenius), please liaise with your funder before applying for a refund to determine if
the refundable amount will be loaded to your personal Bank account or Fundi Card 
➢ Refund from Fundi payment/s must be accompanied by Fundi settlement or reimbursement letter.