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➢ All incomplete refund applications will be rejected, and you will be required to
make a new refund application.


➢ All documents must be uploaded on Ulink, and no outstanding documents will be received via email.


Approved refund (What do we mean by Approved refund?) applications will be paid within 14 working days from the day of application (In the event of back log, does the 14 days period still apply?).


Processed refund will be paid within 14 working days or Refund application/s with the correct required supporting documents uploaded on Ulink will be paid within 14 working days)


➢ Kindly note that you will not be able to apply for another refund whilst there’s a pending application.


➢ NSFAS credits are non-refundable, students who paid their own registrations while funded by NSFAS, should contact NSFAS office at their relevant Campuses and those with the credit equal to their registration fee/s, may apply for the refund online. The above only applies to  own payments made from 2018 to date , any cash  payments made before 2018 cannot be refunded.