Centre for Academic Planning and Quality Promotion (CAPQP)

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Division For Teaching Excellence Centre For Academic Planning And Quality Promotion

The functions of the Centre for Academic Planning and Quality Promotion (CAPQP) are twofold: academic planning and quality promotion.

Academic Planning
  • CAPQP promotes the strategic alignment of academic planning with the UJ mission and national requirements, i.e. the alignment of qualifications to the Higher Education Qualifications Sub Framework (HEQSF) and programme submissions to the DHET, CHE and SAQA. Academic Support in the planning, approval and good governance of qualifications is an integral part of academic planning at UJ.
  • CAPQP provides support for the planning of new qualifications in line with the HEQSF, national and institutional policy, and supports the management and review of existing qualifications in line with institutional and national policy.

UJ Short Learning Programme (SLP) Policy

UJ Academic Programme Policy

UJ Teaching and Learning Policy

UJ Work-Integrated Education (WIE) Policy

Academic Planning Functions
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory matters
  • Professional body accreditations
  • DHET, CHE, SAQA processes
  • Internal programme approvals
  • Programme amendment
  • Curriculum transformation
Quality Promotion

CAPQP is also responsible for facilitating programme quality reviews in the University. The development of review processes and manuals for faculties and academic development, service and support divisions is part and parcel of quality promotion at the University. Reviews address the HEQC focus areas and incorporate criteria pertinent to the UJ context.

UJ Quality Promotion Policy

Quality Promotion Functions 
  • Internal and external QA
  • Programme reviews
  • Professional body accreditation and audit
  • Capacity development
  • Curriculum transformation