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Name: Prof Maximus Monaheng Sefotho
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About Prof Maximus Monaheng Sefotho

Maximus Monaheng Sefotho is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. Passionate about Career Guidance, Disability, Philosophy of Education, he coined a neology hephapreneurship, for persons with disabilities, who are Neither in Education, Employment or Training. Prof. Sefotho’s work is a socio-political act geared towards transformation and social change. Prof. Sefotho’s work yielded a brainchild in the form of a Centre for Visual Impairment Studies at the University of Pretoria, (As co-director) and an Advanced Diploma in Visual Impairment Studies which started in 2020. Prof. Sefotho has also been instrumental in the development of a centre for neurodiversity at the University of Johannesburg for which he was a co-director. He currently focuses on career transitioning of youth with disability from home, through school and into the world of work. Prof. Sefotho’s teaching and research are supported by a strong background in the philosophy of education, which includes a specific focus on the philosophy of research to demystify Philosophy, Paradigm, Ontology, Epistemology and Axiology as applied to research.  In 2018, Prof. Sefotho edited a book: “Philosophy in education and research: African perspectives”, which he uses to conduct workshops to support post-graduate students to understand the philosophy of research.