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Leila Kajee

Professor: Language and Literacy
Name: Leila Kajee
Location: B Ring 407 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DECS Staff, Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education, NRF Rated Researchers  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 3296


About Prof Leila Kajee

Leila Kajee

Leila holds a PhD in Education, specializing in Language in Education. Her research interests span social justice and transformation through language, literacies, and identities.  She has taught a range of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including Applied English, Educational Linguistics, Literacies, Research Design, Online learning and Digital Literacy. Leila is full professor in the Department of Education & Curriculum Studies. She works predominantly with pre- and in-service teachers, and participates in and leads several funded projects in her research area.


Recent projects:

U21 teacher education and migration

Education for social change: social justice, peace and social cohesion in Brazil and South Africa (NRF)

Unheard voices: Experiences of international students in the academy

Multimodality and multiliteracies: Digital literacy practices in English classrooms

In-and out-of-school literacy practices

Home and school literacies among immigrant children living in South Africa

Promoting girls’ education in Africa: Girls’ voices, girls’ identities


Recent Publications:


Kajee, L. (In press) Between two worlds: immigrant literacy practices. Codesria.

Kajee, L. (2008) Constructing identities in online communities of practice: a case study of online learning. Peter Lang: Oxford, UK.


Book Chapters:

Kajee, L (in press). “Where hope flourishes: Teaching refugee children in troubling times. Teaching the Displaced: What Every Educator Should Know.  Springer.

Kajee, L. (In press) “Student and academic voices on Covid-19: Lessons learnt in South Africa” Brown, B. (Ed.) Emerging approaches to teaching and learning in a post-Covid-19 higher education world. Cambridge.

Kajee, L. (2020) A humanizing pedagogy: Being a conscious presence in the world. In Carmo, M (Ed). Education applications and developments V. Inscience Press

Kajee, L. (2020) Straddling Two Worlds:  Immigrant Adolescents’ Construction of Identities. In Cardozo-Gabisso, L and Vazques Dominguez, M (Eds). Advancing language equity practices with immigrant communities: Learning in and out of schools. IGI Global.

Kajee, L. (2018).  Pain, discomfort and safe spaces: Pre-service teachers negotiating and engaging with social justice. In Reichmann, C (ed) (Im)possible horizons in the supervised internship: language teacher development and literacy practices. Pontes Editora, in Campinas, São Paulo ISBN: 9788 57113 965-7

Kajee, L. (2017) Internationacionalizacao do ensino superior: implicacoes do ingles como lingua franca na Africa do Sul (Internationalisation of higher education: Implications of English as lingua franca in South Africa) In de Moura Rogerio Adolfo; de Almedida Organizadores, Andre Albino. Internacionalizacao do Ensino Superior: Desafios e Perspectivas.  Editora CRV: Brazil.

Accredited Articles:

Kajee, L. (2021) Teacher narratives and understandings of (de) humanising pedagogy. South African Journal of Higher Education.vol 35, no.6

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Reviewed conference proceedings:

Salejee Patel, Z. and Kajee, L. (2021). Contemplating translanguaging as linguistic social justice pedagogy. Atiner Conference. International Conference on Education, Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Athens).

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