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Prof Kevin Nell

Name: Kevin Nell
Location: JHB Business School Johannesburg Business School
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Tel: +27 (0)11 559 7459


Curriculum Vitae Kevin Nell

About Prof Kevin Stefan Nell

My research interests are primarily in macroeconomics, with specific reference to developing countries. I have taught and published on topics such as financial development and growth; structural inflation and monetary policy; endogenous money; saving/investment causality; growth theory and empirics (the role of physical capital accumulation and technological progress); balance-of-payments-constrained growth; cross-country growth regressions; the long-run solvency constrain model in an open-economy context; the determinants of industrial development; and conditional convergence and premature deindustrialization.

I am currently lecturing Modules with short description Macroeconomic Issues in Development (MAD9X02),
M.Com in Development Economics, Topics in Macroeconomic Issues (MND9X02), and M.Phil in Industrial Policy

Academic history

PhD in Economics, University of Kent (UK)