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Prof Joseph Divala

Senior Lecturer: Philosophy of Education
Name: Joseph Divala
Location: B Ring 438 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2902


About Prof Joseph Divala

​​Highest qualification:

  • Degree: PhD in Philosophy of Education
  • Institution: Stellenbosch University
  • Title : Is a liberal conception of University Autonomy relevant to higher education in Africa?
  • Supervisor : Professor Yusef Waghid

Research information: Key Research interests:

  • Aims and Conceptions of Education; Deliberative Democratic Citizenship Theory in Education; Citizenship Identities; Social Justice Education
  • Ethics in Education; Equity and Governance in Higher Education Systems; Public Policy Analysis.
  • Current research Activities: Citizen identities in Malawian schools: an exploration of local and global identities (2011-2013)

List of publications (or a selection thereof):

  • Divala, J. and Waghid, Y. 2010. Teacher mobility, ‘brain drain’, labour markets and educational resources in the Commonwealth. Compare 40(2):257-258.
  • Divala, J. 2009. Higher Education in Africa: In defence of a liberal-communitarian conception of autonomy. South African Journal of Higher Education. 23 (6): 1133 -1147.
  • Divala, J. and Waghid, Y. 2009. On learning and Cosmopolitanism. South African Journal of Higher Education. 23 (6): 1191- 1203.
  • Divala, J and Enslin, P. 2008. Citizenship Education in Malawi: Prospects for global citizenship. In Aurthur, J., Davies, I., and Hahn, C (eds) The International Handbook on Citizenship Education. London: Sage Publications. Chapter 16, pp. 215-226.
  • Divala, J and Waghid, Y. 2008. Challenges facing higher education governance practices on the African continent. South African Journal of Higher Education. 22(1): 1- 16.
  • Coughlan, F., Divala, J., Enslin, P., Kissack, M. and Mathebula, T. 2007. Systematic governance, public accountability and Institutional autonomy. In Council on Higher Education (commissioners), Triennial Review of Higher Education in South Africa: Selected Themes. Pretoria: CHE. Pp. 77 – 96.
  • Divala, J and Waghid, Y. 2007. An analysis of equal educational opportunities: a review essay. South African Journal of Higher education. 21(4): 225-234.
  • Divala, J. 2007. Malawi’s approach to democracy: implications for the teaching of democratic citizenship. International Journal of Citizenship Teaching and Learning. 3(1) 32-44.
  • Divala, J. 2006. Conditional Autonomy and Responsible action: A Response to Yusef Waghid and Martin Hall. South African Journal of Higher Education. 20(3): 383-386.
  • Divala, J and Enslin, P. 2005. Book Review: Citizenship and Education in liberal Democratic societies – teaching for cosmopolitan values and collective identities, edited by Kevin McDonough and Walter Feinberg. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Theory and Research in Education. 3(3): 377-378


  • Democracy and Justice in Education (Honours Level)
  • Public Policy Analysis (Masters Level)
  • Higher Education Policy and Ethics in Management (Masters Level)
  • Governance and Democracy in African Higher Education Systems (Masters Level)
  • Philosophy of Education (Honours Level)
  • Critical Pedagogy (PGCE and Masters levels)

Other information:

  • Member of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.
  • Member of the Editorial Committee for the South African Journal of Higher Education (website: ) as an Associate Editor (2006-to present)
  • Reviewer for Acta Academic
  • Reviewer for Acta Academica
  • Executive member: Kenton Education Association of South Africa (from 2011)
  • Organising Committee Member for the International Network of Philosophers of Education, Addis Ababa 2012 Conference.
  • A member of the NRF Masters and PhD scholarships review boards