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Lecturer: Sociology of Education
Name: Sheri Hamilton
Location: B Ring 404A Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DECS Staff, Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2745


About Ms Sheri Hamilton

Area of specialization
Adult Education (Focus on Workers Education) Sociology, Philosophy, History and Curriculum Studies, Methodology

Pedagogy of Struggle*#OutsourcingMustFall S Hamilton – Forging Solidarity, 2017 Pages, 181-192 Publisher Sense

(Re) Claiming Workers Education Authors Sheri Hamilton 2014 Education, Economy and Society 230-243, Unisa Press

Cooper, L and Hamilton, S (Eds) Renewing Workers Education – A Radical Vision, HSRC Press (2020)

Courses taught
Education Studies, 1A, Teaching Practices and Methodologies;

BEd Hons in Curriculum Studies;

MEd Course work