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Senior Lecturer
Name: Onkgopotse Senatla Madumo
Location: C-RING 411 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 7637


About Dr Onkgopotse Senatla Madumo


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  • BAdmin: Honours Public Management
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Academic Career Profile

Dr Onkgopotse Madumo joined the School of Public Management, Governance and Public Policy at the University of Johannesburg as a Senior Lecturer in July 2022. He was previously based at the School of Public Management and Administration, at the University of Pretoria where he worked for over 12 years in different capacities. He possesses Bachelors and an Honours Degree in Public Management, Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Doctorate in Public Administration all from the University of Pretoria. Dr Onkgopotse Madumo currently serves as an Associate Editor of Local Economy journal and also serves in its editorial board in ex-officio capacity. Dr Madumo is also a member of the editorial committee of Administratio Publica. Dr Madumo was also a co-leader of a research cluster that is supported by the South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) and the National Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) (2020-2022). Dr Madumo served as an interim Chief Editor of Administratio Publica journal (January 2021- June 2021). He has widely published articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. He has further presented research papers in both domestic and international conferences. Dr Madumo has been invited as a keynote speaker in various fora, including the Western Cape Provincial Department of local government; Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Mandela Washington Fellowship Convening. Dr Madumo has supervised to completion a numerous Masters candidates and has a few PhD candidates. He has also examined numerous postgraduate dissertations and theses and acts as a moderator for coursework modules for other universities. Dr Madumo has served as a consultant for several research projects, including the South African Local Government Association’s Social Cohesion project; SANRAL’s Road Safety Education Project and the Determination of the roles and functions of the different spheres of Government by the Office of the President in South Africa. Dr Madumo is further involved in numerous research projects with collaborators from other universities and research entities in South Africa and some from Tanzania and the United States of America.


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Postgraduate supervision

PhD students completed:

Knoetze, V.PhD: Public Management and Administration/ A cooperative governance institutional framework for the Eastern Cape ProvinceUniversity of Pretoria (2022)
Mandiriza, T.PhD: Public Management and Administration/

Assessment of factors influencing the adoption of public private partnerships in water infrastructure projects in selected municipalities

University of Pretoria (2022)

Masters students completed:

Mohlala, S.E.MPA Utilising the District Development Model for housing delivery by the City of TshwaneUniversity of Pretoria (2022)
Khangale, A.MPA/ Assessing the cooperative government challenge in addressing water service delivery by the Vhembe District MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2022)
Dlamini, S.B.


MPA/ Evaluating Unit Management at Vulamasango SchoolUniversity of Pretoria (2022)
Mavasa, H.MPA/ The use of competency assessment results in the recruitment, selection, training and development of senior managers in the Department of Trade, Industry and CompetitionUniversity of Pretoria (2022)
Matlebjoane, S.MPA/ The implementation of the fraud and corruption policy at the Emalahleni local municipality University of Pretoria (2022)
Mathye, N.MPA/ An analysis of the extent of public and stakeholder participation in the municipal demarcation processes towards establishing the Collins Chabane Local MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2021)
Nemakanga, A.P.MPA/ Analysing the monitoring and evaluation role of the oversight and standing committees within the EkurhuleniUniversity of Pretoria (2020)
Loliwe, N.MPA/ Utilising public participation mechanism to manage water loss in Amathole District MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2020)
Ndlovu, T.H.MPA/ An analysis of the water conservation and demand management programme: a case of Newcastle municipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2020)
Lusunzi, T.M.MPA/ Assessment of leadership capacity to advance local

economic development in the Vhembe District Municipality

University of Pretoria (2019)
Guma, N.S.MPA/ Evaluating the role of ward committees in participative governance in Dihlabeng Local MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2018)

Modikwa, P.J.

MPA/ Enhancing councillor accountability in local government: the case of Polokwane Local MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2017)

Mosupye, G.M.

MPA/ Official development assistance management: A case of the Department of Environmental AffairsUniversity of Pretoria (2016)

Vithi, N.

MPA/ An analysis of water provisioning: a case study of Ndlambe Local MunicipalityUniversity of Pretoria (2016)