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Kezia Batisai

Associate Professor
Name: Kezia Batisai
Location: C Ring 628A Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 3438


About Prof Kezia Batisai


​​​​​Kezia Batisai is an Associate Professor of Sociology. Her research is about gender, sexuality, health and health systems, questions of being different and the politics of nation-building in Africa. Kezia has written many book chapters and journal articles. She is a member of the International Sociological Association (Clinical Sociology; Language and Society; and Women and Society Research Committees) and the South African Association for Gender Studies. She also has been the coordinator (since 2015) of the South African Sociological Association’s Gender Studies Working Group. Prof Batisai has more than 15 years of experience conducting research on gender, sexuality, migration, HIV/AIDS and health policy recommendations for local and international organisations.


PhD Gender Studies, University of Cape Town
MSc Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of Zimbabwe
BSc Hons. in Sociology, University of Zimbabwe​

Research interests

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Political change
  • Questions of Being Different.​​​

Selected publications

Zvokuomba, K. & Batisai, K. 2022. ‘Can Women Own Land’? Land Inheritance Convolutions: Evidence from the Zimbabwean Resettlement Areas.’ In H. Mupambwa, D. Nciizah, P. Nyambo, B. Muchara and N.N. Gabriel. (Eds.) Food Security for African Smallholder Farmers. Singapore: Springer Nature, 375–388.

Zvokuomba, K. & Batisai, K. 2022. The Hydrology of Hope in the Semi-arid Region of Southern Zimbabwe: A Feminist Review of Mushandike Small-Scale Irrigation Scheme. South African Geographical Journal.

Batisai, K. & Mudimu, G.T. 2021. Beyond the Land Reform: Revisiting the Politics of Land Recovery among White Commercial Farmers in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Transitional Justice.

Sibanda A. and Batisai K. 2021. The Intersections of Identity, Belonging and Substance Misuse: Struggles of Male Youth in Post-Apartheid South Africa. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth. 26 (1): 143-157.

Batisai, K. 2020. “Understanding Health and Health Systems in Southern Africa.” In. J. Fritz and T. Uys, (Eds.) Clinical Sociology for Southern Africa. Cape Town: Juta Press, 245-269.

Batisai, K. 2020. “Culture, Land Rights, and Livelihoods in Rural South Africa – A Gendered Perspective.” In M. Khan & G. Mkodzongi (Eds.), Africa, History and Culture. Iowa: Kendallhunt Publishing Company, 103-119.

Batisai, K. & Dzimiri, P. 2020. “Not just a foreigner: ‘Progressive’ Self-Representations of African Migrants in Print and Social Media.” In D. Moyo and S. Mpofu, (Eds.) Mediating Xenophobia and Africa. Unpacking Discourses of Migration, Belonging and Othering. Palgrave, 323-340.

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Dzimiri C.T., Dzimiri P. & Batisai, K. 2019. Fighting against HIV and AIDS within a Resource Constrained Rural Setting: A Case Study of the Ruvheneko Programme in Chirumhanzu, Zimbabwe. SAHARA-J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS. 16(1): 25-34.

Batisai, K. 2019. “Black and Foreign: Negotiating Being Different in South Africa’s Academy.” In G. Khunou, H. Canham, K. Khoza-Shangase & E. Phaswana, (Eds.) Black Academic Voices: The South African Experience. Cape Town: HSRC Press, 226-247.

Chipuriro, R. & Batisai, K. 2018. Unsung Heroines and Violence for the Land: Narratives of Elderly Women Farmers’ Experiences in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Agenda. 32(4): 54-64.

Batisai, K. 2018. “Gendered Nationhood and the Land Question in South Africa 20 Years after Democracy.” In F. Brandt and G. Mkodzongi (Eds.), Land Reform Revisited. Democracy, State Making and Agrarian Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Brill: Leiden, 78-96.

Batisai, K. 2017. “Mothering beyond National Borders: Trajectories of Zimbabwean Migrant Women in South Africa.” In D. Smith Silva, L. Malik and A. Palko (Eds.), Mothers, Mothering, and Globalization. Demeter Press: Ontario, 226-247.

Batisai, K. 2017. Pushing the limits of motherhood: narratives of older women in rural Zimbabwe. African Studies. 76(1): 44-63.

Batisai, K. 2016. Interrogating questions of national belonging, difference and xenophobia in South Africa. Agenda. 30(2): 119-130.

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Batisai, K. 2016. Celebrating a life well lived: Professor Sam Moyo (23/09/1954-22/11/2015), South African Review of Sociology, 47(2): 119-121.

Batisai, K. 2015. Being gendered in Africa’s flag-democracies: narratives of sexual minorities living in the diaspora. Gender Questions. 3(1): 25-44.

Batisai, K. 2015. The Politics of Control and Ownership over Women’s Bodies: Discourses that Shape Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Zimbabwe. Perspectives: Bodies, Morals and Politics. Reflections on Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Africa. 2:6-11.

Batisai, K. 2014. ‘Policies on abortion: women’s experiences of living through a gendered body in Zimbabwe.’ AG AboutGender, International journal of gender studies. 3(5): 174-192.

Batisai, K. 2013. Body politics: – an illumination of the landscape of sexuality and nationhood? Re-seeing Zimbabwe through elderly women’s representations of their sexual and gendered lives. Cape Town, University of Cape Town.

Salo, E. Matshaka, N.S., Mupotsa, D., Baloyi, A., Batisai, K., Jobson, M., Chienga, M., and Roes, A. 2012. Feasibility Study on the (Re) Establishment of Sexual Offences Courts in Africa. Report Prepared for The Ministerial Advisory Task Team for Sexual Offences Courts (MATTSO), by the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, University Pretoria.

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