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Associate Professor (4IR)
Name: Josef Langerman
Location: E Red 7 Bunting Road Campus
Department of Applied Information Systems Staff, School of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems SCIIS  Staff Members

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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 1213


Curriculum Vitae Josef Langerman

About Prof Josef Langerman

Prof Langerman’s focus is on IT Management, Agility, DevOps and general topics in Software Engineering. He has many years of experience as an executive in large organisations where he filled positions like CIO, CTO, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Head of Strategy, Head of Software Development etc. He supervises Master’s and Doctoral students and is also lecturing at a postgraduate level. Key to his research is building deep relationships with industry and use research to improve organsiations and the societies they operate it in.

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Publications (Last 5 years)

2023·           Langerman, J.J. Joseph, N (2023). Information Systems Resilience: An African Banking Case Study, International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET 2023), 16-17 November 2023, Cape Town-South Africa
2023·         Toy, T., Langerman, J.J. (2023). A Design Framework for a Blockchain-Based Open Market Platform of Enriched Card-Based Transactional Data for Big Data Analytics and Open Banking, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications.
2023·         Langerman, J., & Leung, W. S. (2023). The effect of outsourcing and insourcing on Agile and DevOps. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 0(0).
2022·         Mukange, Tsumbedzo, and Josef Langerman. “The Alignment between DevOps and Business Outcomes.” 2022 International Conference on Engineering and Emerging Technologies (ICEET). IEEE, 2022.
2022·         Langerman, Josef, and Carl Marnewick. “A Concept for Extending the Spotify Organisational Model to Cater for Platform Organisations.”, 30TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT (ISD2022 CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA) (2022).
2021·         Johan von Solms & Josef Langerman (2021) Digital technology adoption in a bank Treasury and performing a Digital Maturity Assessment, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2020.1857519
2021·         von Solms, Johan; Langerman, Josef; Marnewick, Carl, Digital transformation in treasury, risk and finance: COVID-19 to accelerate establishment of smart analytical centres in these departments, Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, Volume 14 / Number 4 / AUTUMN/FALL 2021, pp. 381-394(14)
2020·         Marnewick, C, Langerman J.J. (2020).  DevOps and Organisational Performance: The Fallacy of Chasing Maturity. IEEE Software
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2020·         Johan von Solms and Josef Langerman (2020). A smart treasury fit for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 2nd International Conference on Finance, Economics, Management and IT Business’ (FEMIB 2020).
2019·         Mahlomo Montigoe and Josef Langerman (2019). New Organisation Models that breaks silos in organisations to enable software delivery flow. 2019 International Conference on System Science and Engineering (ICSSE), Dong Hoi, Vietnam,