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Senior Lecturer
Name: Fumane Khanare
Location: B Ring 424 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2832


About Dr Fumane Khanare

Dr. Fumane Portia Khanare is a senior lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education, University of Johannesburg. Her work focuses on care and support of ‘vulnerable’ children, young people’s voices, and agency to improve inclusivity in schools. She is passionate about rural schools and rurality from strength-based theories. Dr. Khanare combines asset-based approaches and arts-based methods to advance active participation of young people in teaching and research.


Undergraduate modules

Teaching Studies modules with an emphasis on teaching as professional practice and the practice of citizenship

Neurodevelopmental Learning Needs

Methodology and Practicum B3 for the Life Orientation Senior and FET phases, guiding preservice teachers in mapping their pedagogical content knowledge and enabling critical reflection.


Care and support of ‘vulnerable’ children

Rural schools and rurality

Young people’s voices and agency to improve inclusivity in schools

Arts-based methodologies and asset-based approaches

Community engagement

Centre for Neurodiversity, Soweto Campus, UJ

Funda Ujabule School, Soweto

Youth Exchange Programs for local students