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Associate Professor, Head of Department
Name: Veronica Melody Dwarika
Location: GNA 232 Soweto Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 559 5241


About Prof Veronica Melody Dwarika

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department. Dr Dwarika is involved in undergraduate teacher education as well as post graduate teaching at Honors and Masters levels. Dr Dwarika also coordinates the Online Profession Doctorate in Educational Psychology.


Working within a social constructivist framework, Dr Dwarika, recognises the value of the interdependence of social and individual processes in the co-construction of knowledge. She embraces a teaching philosophy that has both traditional and avant-garde roots, and fundamentally emboldens students’ pre-existing knowledge and abilities, to involve them in a critical look at the world in which they live. Dr Dwarika supports students to see themselves as contributors in the intellectual arena, a domain where theories, ideas and notions have both possibilities and consequences.


Areas of research focus on trauma and resilience, school violence, and positive behaviour support, as well as therapeutic interventions for children, parents, and communities.

Community engagement

Dr Dwarika is involved in local projects to enhance the delivery of psychological therapy and support in disadvantaged communities. She oversees clinical supervision of student educational psychologists within various school and community sites.