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Name: Valencia Tshinompheni Mabalane
Location: B Ring 402 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DECS Staff, Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 3986


About Dr Valencia Tshinompheni Mabalane

​​​​She is involved in teaching of both under-graduate and post-graduate students. Ms Mabalane presents papers locally and internationally on various topics ranging from Teacher Education, Learner Education, Social Sciences and Adult Education. Her fields of interest are teacher education, research, adult learning, social sciences, and teacher professional development. She is also involved several research projects.

Curriculum – Teaching and Learning, History Education Social Justice, Sociology of education and Citizenship education. She also supervises postgraduate students at Masters and PHD level. Dr Mabalane is also a member of several education society.


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