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Tebogo Makhubela

Name: Tebogo Makhubela
Location: C1 Lab 411 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
Department of Geology Staff, Palaeo-Research Staff & Members  Staff Members

Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 4704


About Dr Tebogo Makhubela

Research interests
  • Geochronology of cave deposits and formations using (U,Th)-He and U-series methods.
  • Landscape evolution and quantifying geomorphic changes using cosmogenic nuclide burial dating, exposure dating and denudation rate measurements.
  • Petrography and geochemistry of Quaternary deposits and sedimentary environments.
  • Earth surface and environmental geochemistry of mine tailings and affected surroundings.

Teaching responsibilities
  • APG02B2 – Applied Engineering and Environmental Geology
  • GLG1A20 – Basic field techniques and geological methods

  • Makhubela, T.V., Kramers, J.D.,  Scherler, D., Wittmann H., Dirks, P.H.G.M. and Winkler, S.R., 2019. Effects of long soil surface residence times on apparent cosmogenic nuclide denudation rates and burial ages in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44, 2968-2981.
  • Belyanin, G.A., Kramers, J.D., Andreoli, M.A.G., Greco, F., Gucsik, A., Makhubela, T.V., Przybylowicz, W.J. and Wiedenbeck, M., 2018. Petrography of the carbonaceous, diamond-bearing stone ”Hypatia” from southwest Egypt: A contribution to the debate on its origin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 223, 462–492.
  • Makhubela, T.V., Kramers, J.D., Belyanin, G.A., Dirks, P.H.G.M. and Roberts, E.M., 2017. Proterozoic 40Ar/39Ar ages from cave deposits of the Malapa, Sterkfontein and Dinaledi fossil sites, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology, 120, 21-44.
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