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Name: Nicolaas Strydom​
Location: D-603 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 3860


About Dr Nicolaas Strydom​

Nicolaas Strydom is a lecturer at the Department of Accountancy. He holds an MCom Financial Management from the University of Johannesburg with a dissertation entitled “A Historical Analysis of Electronic Trading System Implementation: The case of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (1990-2000)” and a PhD in Finance from the University of Johannesburg, with a thesis entitled “Stock exchange legitimacy: the case of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, 1887-1945”.


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  • Strydom, N.T. & Struweg, J. (2016). Malthus revisited: Long-term trends in South African population growth and agricultural output. Agrekon, 55(1-2), pp. 34 – 61.
  • Strydom, N.T. & Els, G. (2016). A bibliometric analysis of the Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences (2007 – 2016). Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences, 9(3), pp. 951 – 974.