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Dr Dasoo

Head of Department: Education and Curriculum Studies
Name: Nazreen Dasoo
Location: B Ring 406 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Tel: 011 559 2045


About Dr Nazreen Dasoo

Dr Nazreen Dasoo is the Head of Department for Education and Curriculum Studies. She teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Currently she holds a UNESCO Chair in Values Education- Learning to Live Together. She has been recently appointed as the Chair of the Global Alliance in Values Education (GAVE) and sits on the board of the Living Values Association of South Africa (LIVASA). The masters and doctoral students under her supervision investigate aspects relating to values education, global citizenship education, teacher professional development and teacher education. In her 25 years at UJ, she has been invited to deliver keynote addresses at both local and international conferences and seminars. She has also been called upon by other higher education institutions to evaluate their teacher education programmes, serve as an external examiner for their masters and doctoral candidates’ theses and moderator of their examinations.


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Achievements of Note and Public Appearances 

  • Student of the Year, B.Ed (hons) RAU – 1996
  • Appeared on SABC 3 on Ceasar Molebatsi’s Talk Show, “Two Way” 2001 to discuss issues around Assessment.
  • Selected for the RCI SANPAD programme 2005-2006, Best student in the programme for that year.
  • Invited by the Australian Government to deliver a Keynote address at the National Forum on Values Education in Canberra -2008.
  • All learning material developed by me, for the ACE in Values and Human Rights in Education, was translated into Spanish and is currently being used at the Universidad Mayor, Chile.
  • Hosted The Pro Vice Chancellor of New Castle University, Australia in 2010. Prof T Lovat presented a Public Lecture on “The New Values Education, A Pedagogical imperative for student wellbeing.”
  • Invited to present a Keynote address in Paris for UNESCO on Values in Sports Education -2015
  • Invited to present a Keynote address at a webinar hosted by UNESCO KENYA on Global Citizenship and Values Education. 2021
  • Invited to give commentary on EWN on the Matric exam leak 2020.
  • Provided an opinion piece for NEWS 24 on Matric exam leak 2020.
  • Appeared on Radio Islam Breakfast show on Matric exam leak 2020.

Research Interests:  Values Education; Global Citizenship Education; Teacher Professional Development; Commerce Education

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