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Senior Lecturer
Name: Frederik Francois Pieterse
Location: B3 Lab 25 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2310


About Dr Frederik Francois Pieterse

Francois Pieterse is a Senior Lecturer in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sciences at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He received a M.Phil. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg and a D.Phil. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Johannesburg.
He is the founder of a research collaboration between the University of Johannesburg and the CSIR (South Africa) in 2006, exploring the possibility of designing, manufacturing and calibrating optical fibre wind tunnel balances. His research focus on using optical fibre based sensors in load measuring devices.

He is a member of the South African Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He supervises master degree students in the field of optical fibre load measuring systems and sensors.
D Phil Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests
Optical fibre measurements and wind tunnel balances