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Franck Adekambi

Name: Franck Adekambi
Location: D Ring 207 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0)11 559 4371


Curriculum Vitae Franck Adekambi

About Dr Franck Adekambi

I am lecturing Modules with short description Stochastic processes and options pricing theory and place my research focus on Risk Theory, Financial Mathematics, Health Insurance

Academic History


Most Recent Publications

  • Adékambi, F, Christiensen, M. (2015). Integral and differential equations for the moments of multistate models in health insurance, Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, DOI:10.1080/03461238.2015.1058854. (ISI Journal) U
  • Adékambi, F, Mwamba, J. (2015). ASYMPTOTIC TAIL PROBABILITY FOR THE DISCOUNTED AGGREGATE SUMS IN A TI​ME DEPENDENT RENEWAL RISK MODEL, South African Statist. J. (2015) 49, 2, 205 – 222. (SA Accredicted Journal)
  • Adékambi, F. (2015). Reserves in the Multistate Health Insurance Model with Stochastic Interest of Diffusion Type. South African Actuarial Journal 15, 110-129. (SA Accredicted Journal).
  • Adékambi, F. (2015). ON APPROXIMATING THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE AGGREGATE AMOUNT OF BENEFIT. South African Statistical Association 2015, Proceedings. (SA Accredicted Journal).