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Dr Robinson

Associate Professor
Name: David Robinson
Location: B Ring 403 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
DECS Staff, Department of Education and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education  Staff Members

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Tel: 011 559 2585


About Prof David Robinson

Area of specialization Language Education. Main focus is in the field of Literature.   Publications:  Journal Articles and Chapters:  David Robinson 2022 Almost Like the Dodo: Terminus in Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. The English Academy Review. Published online 31 May 2022 (Article)  David Robinson  2022 Foregrounding the Value of Ecocriticism in a South African University Context. In Young, R. L. (ed) 2022 Literature as a Lens for Climate Change: Using Narratives to Prepare the Next Generation. New York. Lexington Press. (Chapter) David Robinson   2021 The Gothic genre, classical allusion and other influences in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Literator (Article)  David Robinson  2020 Vonnegut, Darwin, and the Tragical Satirical Arc of Human History in the Novel Galapagos. Koers. (Article) David Robinson  2019 British Popular Culture in Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born. Scrutiny2 (24) (Article) David Robinson  2018 Vonnegut and Apocalypse: A Consideration of Kurt Vonnegut’s Representation of the End of the World. Scrutiny2 (23) 2-3 (Article)  David Robinson  2016 Redemption and the Imagination of Childhood; Dickens’s representation of Children in A Christmas Carol. Literator. (Article)  David Robinson  2016 Monster or Great Fish? Peter Benchley’s Jaws as Ecocritical Text. Scrutiny2 (21) 3 (Article)  David Robinson  2016 The Bridge from Matric to Beyond: Encounters with the Works of Thornton Wilder in Teaching and Learning. Journal of Literary Studies. (Article)  David Robinson  2015   More than a Period Piece: Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls as a Reflection of the Spanish Civil War. English Academy Review. Volume 32 Number 2. (Article)  David Robinson  2010   Alan Paton’s Literature and the Teaching of Social Justice. English Academy Review. Volume 27 Number 2. (Article)  David Robinson and Mike Kissack   2009   Lineages of influence and dispute in South African literary studies: The challenge for curriculum development. English Studies in Africa, Volume 51, Number 1. (Article) David Robinson   2008   The Significance of Anti-Apartheid Literature in a Post-Apartheid Society. The International Journal of the Inter-Disciplinary Social Sciences (Article)   Books: As co-editor: Magano, MD, Mohapi, SJ, Robinson, DE. (eds.) 2017 Realigning Teacher Education in the 21st Century. Cengage Learning. Andover UK   Google scholar website: ‪David Robinson – ‪Google Scholar Scopus website: Robinson, David – Author details – Scopus Preview