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Senior Lecturer
Name: Barend Botha
Location: B 3 Lab 216 Auckland Park Kingsway Campus
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Contact Details:
Tel: 011 559 2714


About Dr Barend Botha


Barend Botha, a registered professional engineer with ECSA and lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, started his career in 1991 as systems engineer in the defense industry after obtaining both his B. Eng (Mech) and M. Eng (Mech) from the University of Pretoria. As part of his passion for life-long learning he completed his PhD at North West University in 2003. His personal passion is product development and improvement and he therefore likes challenging the status quo and existing mind sets in order to improve the environment he is in. This also forms the basis for his passion to help other people improve towards their full potential. He has a vast experience in both industry and academia having been involved in a variety of industries, both as employee and consultant, as well as lecturing at both under- and postgraduate levels in various subjects. As systems engineer he has developed the skill to consider the bigger picture through systems and design thinking and identify the most suitable solution to a problem given the relevant restrictions with respect to budget and schedule. His creative ability has resulted in various patents and applications, both locally as well as internationally. His exposure to quality management and regulated environments makes ethics non-negotiable to him based on his experience that “poor engineering ethics kills people”, both physically and emotionally.

Barend married Daleen in 1994 and they have three children sharing their passion for other people. When the time allows, he loves restoring old motor cars or any other DIY project challenging his creative thinking to find a solution that most people would not think about.

His current interest is in design management and optimization, operational excellence and improving business processes.


B. Eng (Mech), M. Eng (Mech), PhD, Pr. Eng.

Research Interests

Design Management, Design, Operational Excellence

List of Publications